Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm Not The Only One Talking

I don't think I have ever shared this picture of me with you. It is one of my favorites.

Not because of what I look like in it, but because of the memories it brings back. Of a pleasant day in the Yucatan, with good friends, warm sunshine, the threat of encountering a crocodile at any moment and the amazing peace I was feeling then.

A fellow blogger, Marc, of Merida, writes eloquently of just such a day in his blog. It is well worth the read. Go take a look here.


Ann said...

A nice relaxed photo! Thanks for sharing it & the info behind it.

Anonymous said...

Hey you're back to blogging!!
I missed you and your insightful views on Isla and on life!
Nice photo too.

Babs said...

Now I know who to look for!