Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Top Side

I showed you the Dam from the bottom side yesterday, today we need to see it from the top.

This is only part of the massive lake that is formed behind the dam.

I still think that driving across the dam is a bit on the spooky side.

You can see here where one is actually below the water level at one point.

The spillway. I have never heard of its' being used.

Looking down at the generator building.

The upper side of the dam is not renowned for its' fishing. It is a place of speedboats, sailboats, water skiers and jet skies.

And, oh yes, these things.

There is a small inlet off the side of the dam, right beside the road. A marina has been built there and people store all kinds and types of houseboats there when not out on the water.

Some of them are quite large.

Others a bit tinier. But still with plenty of leisure time room.

Some of them have pretty clever names too.

Couldn't read that very well? Try this view.

One thing they all have in common: they love to show off their patriotism. Nothing wrong with that.

I think it is interesting that this phenomenom of houseboats has emerged here on this dam lake. Given all the highspeed boats, I would think they don't really stand a chance of any quiet time on the lake. But there are pontoon boats on the lake also. With motors powerful enough that they can actually tow skiers. It's a pretty lake with a pretty shoreline, but, still, I don't really care to go out on it. Boats, you know.


Anonymous said...

but there aren't any sharks there ;-) so why don't you like to go out on boats? love the one with the mole name! quite clever indeed.

teresa in nagoya (formerly of lake stevens, just thought i'd mention it in case you didn't know i moved.)

KfromMichigan said...

Great photos Wayne .. but nothing is as beautiful as the view from your front porch on Isla!!

Barb said...

That mole name made me giggle.