Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Constant Companions

Staying on the porch for just a bit, my constant companions are the hummingbirds that flock to the feeder that hangs there.

They are fearless little things. They could care less that I am sitting mere feet away.

I have noticed a change in their behavior lately though. I think maybe because they sense that fall is coming on and they are feeling the need to stock up on energy.

Where I mostly used to just see the colorful males, I am now seeing females and juveniles also.

They are constantly at war with each also. Sometimes as many as five at a time will soar and swoop or shoot straight up into the air like miniature helicopters. At times they actually bang into each other. I can hear the dramatic little thunks when they slam their bodies against each other.

I am grateful that I get to sit here each morning and enjoy their world.

I hope you do too.


Ann said...

Great photos--they aren't the easiest to photograph, but if they're enjoying the nectar I guess they hang around a little longer! I saw one on some of my flowers a week ago.

lisa said...

They sure are amazing creatures! I just love having them around. Every spring I dig out my three feeders and I now have like three pairs that like to fight over the feed. I could watch them forever! Great pictures you took!

KfromMichigan said...

Thanks for sharing .. great pics!

BlueSky said...

I love hummingbirds, we have feeders all over so they won't fight so much over them. Sometimes they come right up to you and hoover right in front of your face as if to say, hello!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes great close-ups...And I learned something too!
I always thought that hummingbirds hovered at feeders;;;and your pics show them standing on the feeder stands.

Nancy said...

Great pics! They're such little cuties sitting there on the perch.