Monday, August 15, 2011

Doors As Art

As part of the Baby Food Festival, the local are council sponsored a door painting contest. The doors were then displayed at various businesses around town. The finale to the event was displaying all of the doors at the County Fair and a public auction was held. Proceeds going back to the local art council. Part of the Director's initiative to make art available to the public. By the people, for the people. I like that attitude.

Here then are some of the entries.

Detail from the one above.

This was done with those flat jewel stones. Lots of work here.

I'm not sure about the message of the one on the left. The world begins in Michigan?

This had to have been done by a member of the farming community.

Detail from the one above.

Of course, these next two were my favorites. How could they not be? Painted by my neice and nephew, in that order. Ages 10 and 13.

Maybe this is something you could do in your community.


Jackie said...

Your'e not kidding that a lot of work went into some of those doors. #9 with the big eyes and skeleton is haunting.

Ann said...

What a great idea--so creative! I will pass this on to some folks at our fair!

Mary said...

Ohhhh, love the room divider with the tree's. Very zen.

ha ha ha - my verification word is harymoot, LOL