Monday, August 08, 2011

At The River

Besides spending a lot of time with my family, I am taking the opportunity to rediscover the natural beauty that abounds in Western Michigan. I guess growing up here, I took it all for granted. I have been away from this area for so many years, it is almost like exploring a new land for me.

There is a tiny town not too far away from me that has the Muskegon River running through it. This river is swift but beautiful. Lots of boat races and tubing goes on here. In fact, almost everything that can be done on a river is done here.

I can certainly understand the fascination of kayaking this river. The shoreline is beautiful.

There is also a park, of sorts, that has been built along the river. It goes by the main bridge that crosses the river and past this old railway bridge. I am not sure if it is still in use or not. Certainly quite interesting though.

The river, though fast flowing, is not very deep here. Lots of swimmers come here to splash around and cool off. Yes, it does get hot in Michigan!

Looking upstream to the main highway bridge.

Look at the log. Just to show you what the current is like here.

We stuck around until sunset. I had heard that it could be very colorful here and we were blessed that night to catch one of the more vibrant one. The pinks on the water were especially interesting.

Stay tuned. There is a lot more nature and exploring to come! I know, not the same as a picture of North Beach, but equally interesting to me in a totally different way. I hope to you also.


Life's a Beach! said...

I grew up in a little town where the focus was the Neosho River down below the park. Muddy rivers always remind me of my childhood! Thanks Wayne!

KfromMichigan said...

You are correct in saying .. not the same as North Beach, but we do have some great places here in Michigan.

AJ. Baxter said...

Great blog! I am envious of your lifestyle. Will visit often.


BlueSky said...

I bet this is also beautiful in the fall with the changing of leaves...

MD in Texas said...

Beautiful pictures and scenery. I would have to observe from land or a boat only, as I have this thing about swimming where I can't see my feet. Kind of creeps me out! :)

Jackie said...

Nice sunset! Like MD I don't think as an adult I could swim in that river.