Monday, May 30, 2011

Into The Biosphere -Part 2

Back in the car and following the sandy, two track road along the edge of the biosphere, we came across this look out tower.

Being as how this was an adventure, we climbed up to the top. I was sure glad that I did when I saw the view from up there.

We had a perfect view out over the brackish swamp water that collects on the edge of the ocean.

As you can see, we were up aways!

The next two shots are looking back and out towards the Gulf of Mexico. You can see the water in the distance.

We then drove as far as we dared, without getting the car stuck. After securely a somewhat secure parking spot on the edge of the road, we ventured down to the water to collect seashells and garbage.

But before we did, we passed a stand of Nopal cactus. We have not had them on the island for years now. They were all purposely eradicated because they were infected with a caterpillar that eats them. We did not want it to spread to the mainland and wipe out the entire Yucatan population of Nopal. You can still see the white traps around the island for trapping the moth stage. I have heard that once the traps are free of moths for six months, we can grow Nopal again. Hasn't happened yet and I think it has been four years or more. Of course, I personally know people on the island who still have them hidden away in their backyards. We'll never get rid of the moth that way.

Heading back into town, we passed the marina. And I had the chance to get a shot of a very typical scene around here. Just another family out for an outing like us!

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, it comes as no surprise to learn that I am currently in Michigan visiting family. I will be home later this week and will pick up the blog again then.


lisa said...

That is some view! Hope you are having a good visit!

Ann said...

Thanks for sharing this visit. Looks like an interesting place. Hope you are enjoying your trip NOB.

jackie said...

I knew that those traps were for moths but not the specifics. Now I know!

Linda said...

Have a good time in MI!