Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Second Parade - Part 2

I was really pleased to see this next participant. These carriages are seen all over downtown and are a favorite of tourists and people in love. (well, at least I have never seen anybody arguing while in one!) This time around they were even more gaily decorated than normal. And held a beautiful woman to boot! Just a normal Yucatecan couple out for a stroll. I'm not sure what these Mayan ladies had in those bags. I don't remember them throwing anything to the crowd. Maybe it was just a fake out? This troup demonstrated and played an ancient game of Mayan basketball while walking down the street. They are not allowed to use their hands at any time while trying to get the ball through that hole. Of course, every game has its' cheaters! I had to chuckle when I saw this Dude. Any excuse to wear a cape. When this float passed by, it was like being in a ticker tape parade. What fun to have all those colorful bits of paper swirling everywhere. Come blow your horn! Another look at the huipil. Even though it may look like it, they are not being marched off to slaughter. I like this float. They forego the usual babes in skimpy outfits to honor the tradition of the Yucatan instead. Tasteful. Some of these floats are quite long. Yeah, Sol beer! The Senior Citizens Club had an entry of marchers. They were thoughtful, and smart, enough to also provide these limos for when a marcher got to pooped to participate any longer. That parade route was long! Points to Sol beer for originality. Motorized beer coolers! Those damn clowns were everywhere.

The parade went on for a lot longer but my camera failed me again. I guess that's ok though. I'm sure everybody has seen enough parade pictures now to last until next year!


Ann said...

Nice to see you posting again! Thanks for sharing your photos & memories!

Dan in NC said...

A great couple of posts! Sounds like a fun time had by all!
Dan in NC

Jane said...

Ditto what Ann said.
(Was afraid you'd been captured by FB "Farm" chicks.)

Jackie said...

The Burger King float seems so out of place. But I enjoyed the photos.

Steve Cotton said...

Great parade. One day I will get there.

And it is also nice to see you back at the keyboard.

KfromMichigan said...

Love the motorized SOL coolers! I think you need one!