Monday, March 14, 2011

Let The Festivities Begin!

I actually had a much better time at the parades in Merida than the above picture would lead you to believe! As you can see, we were busy making masks to wear prior to the parade. My host (rightfully!) believes that if you wear a mask, the people on the floats will throw more crap down to you. It must have worked because we sure took home a boatload of souvenirs. We also had made a bunch of extras that we traded to float people for more valuable items. The basest of barter systems!

One of my hosts had to park the car so he arrived after we were settled in. He plays bongos and some other drum and was a big hit with the parade marchers. You'll see more of this later.

I'm afraid my beloved little camera is giving up the ghost. I had a hard time with it. Even new batteries will only allow me take about 10 pictures before giving out. Plus a broke the dohickey mechanism hinge on the cover for the battery compartment. Time to start doing some research. What this means is that I did not get very many, or very good, pictures of the parade for you. But a few.

We had to arrive in our seats two hours early. Not by law, but by choice. The crowds on the streets are incredible and it is best to get in ahead of them. Merida's finest were out in full force that night also.

While the crowds are waiting for the parade to start, vendors work their way along the street. I would have like to have seen something more substantial being offered, like hot dogs or something. We had a ton of marguesita salesman, kivis and peanuts. Not much selection. And nobody was selling beer, water or soft drinks. I guess they didn't want the crowd having to go pee during the festivities. It would have been impossible to get out of our seats anyway.

A view down the street to my left. The reserved seats had not totally filled up yet. But you can see how we are all going to be packed in like sardines.

Lots of cotton candy vendors.

OMG! The parade finally rounds the first corner and we are on our way!

Friday night's parade was mostly composed of sponsor floats with a few walking groups. Coke, Corona and Sol beers, Burger King, all the big names.

I wish this picture had turned out a little better. There were lots of stilt walkers. This guy saw me lift my camera and this is the reaction I got.

Not all of the stilt walkers were content to wear regular type clothing. Can we all say Ballenciaga pants?

I like this. A picture of the picture of a float. It was incredible how colorful....and loud....these floats were.

The parade lasted for about two hours and I was glad to see the end of it. Not because I wasn't enjoying it. Just the contrary. I was hoarse from shouting and my hands hurt from clapping so much. But this was Friday night. The regional parade, which I enjoyed even more, was yet to come on Monday night. Stay tuned!


Steve Cotton said...

Wow! One of these years, I will have to do this. It looks like great fun.

Tom and Debi said...

The parades are indeed great fun. Imagine our surprise to look out from our lofty parade perch and see you, and Lin, and Pablo across the street. The masks were great, I'll try to remember that for next year! Jonna has some pretty good pictures on her blog.

Steve, yes, you should!

Ann said...

Sorry about the camera--does the salt destroy them, too? Glad you enjoyed yourself!

Barb said...

Wayne, good to see you posting again.

I'm enjoying all the Carnaval pictures everyone is putting up. Someday, I'll be there.

KfromMichigan said...

What fun .. would love to attend one of these years!

IslaZina said...

Nice to see you back! Costco has a great deal on 14mp cameras. 1200 pesos. Next thing will be a "lens failure" message. So sorry.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a good time;Wish I was there to see it.

BTW you should wear that mask every day!

Anonymous said...

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