Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gimme A Break

I've been taking a lot of flak lately for not posting every day...or often enough to suit some people. Give me a break. I have faithfully been at this for over 4.5 years and have posted almost 1100 posts. And all that from or about a tiny island that is only 5 miles long and 1/2 mile wide at its' widest point. Sometimes I struggle and even wonder if there is anything left to say from here.

Plus I write a second blog about my travels in and around Mexico. But I'll admit, I'm a bit behind in updating that one. Even though there is a lot more to say and show you on it. I'll try to focus my attention a bit more on it and bring it up to date.

I find that I can no longer get excited about all of the fishing tournaments held here and various civic events. They all just seem to be the same old thing to me. Perhaps not to you, but it is difficult to get a new angle on the same old same old.

And, believe it or not, I do have a life that doesn't include writing here everyday. Not much of one, but still. Right now is the busiest time of year for us; keeping the rental property in order and tenants happy and visiting with friends that we only see once a year takes up a lot of time. Plus we have the new dog that is demanding a lot of attention. Never a boring moment!

I do have a trip planned that is fast approaching. Carneval (Mardi Gras) is in early March this year and I will be spending it in Merida. I have wanted to see the carneval there for a long time and I am really looking forward to it. We have box seats for both the opening night and closing night parades. I am hoping to get some good pictures from that.

So keep checking back. I have not abandoned the blog by any means. I'm just refreshing my batteries for awhile.


Gloria said...

I feel like a shoe heel now. My apologies. You are so right...I have not taken into consideration that you have a life outside of feeding my Isla obsession.

I'm tucking my tail underneath me now. Have a great trip to Merida in March!

lisa said...

Wayne, you do just fine! I am the same way. I find that sometimes I really don't have anything earth shattering to post and I really only like to post when I have the time to spend on the computer, because I know once I get on the computer I will be on it for over an hour! I just don't like to take up a whole lot of time out of my day sometimes!

Jackie said...

Lot of the bloggers writing from Mexico have recently posted the same thing. I think one person posted that he doesn’t run out anymore with a camera every time he sees a family of six on a moto because it’s just part of daily life where he lives. I appreciate every thing you have done to keep us, your readers entertained and informed about live on Isla.
Take a much deserved break. Enjoy your dog. Does that mean that momma is a long term keeper? Take care of your guests and visit with friends from NOB. Your readers will still be here when you feel like you have the time and something worthwhile to post.

I have also noticed that other non Mexico bloggers do not post nearly as often as they used to. I am included in that bunch. To me Facebook has become so much more the media to use to communicate thoughts, ideas and happenings than blogging.

Ann said...

I check in every day, but don't blame you for not wanting to post on every little thing that happens on Isla. I haven't done much about my trip yet! Both the Barracuda Bash & the Cuda Crawl are finished as of this year! Carneval in Merida sounds like fun...can't wait for photos!

lagovistajenn said...

I cannot wait to see your pictures from Merida. I have never been there and am planning a month long stay on Isla this summer with a a few tiny trips one being to Merida.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

I haven't been blogging as long as you have but I have been feeling much the same. can we get together during Carnaval, provided we don't flee the city this year.


drgeo said...

Your next t-shirt should be emblazoned: EVEREADY!

Calypso said...

For a few years I wrote a Blog everyday (even on the weekends ;-) Then Global Post signed me up and I started reducing output to match their release schedule - which is still non-existent.

Frankly I think 2 or 3 entries a week is plenty. It is better to slow the production than burnout.

KfromMichigan said...

Just know we Love you and miss you when you don't blog. I check every day and know you are busy when there isn't a new post. Enjoy Merida, can't wait to see your pictures. How bout some pics of the doggie?!!

BlueSky said...

I'm sorry you have been pressured to write more often. I have to admit I have been checking everyday and hoping you would write again soon. Speaking for myself, I miss being there when I'm not there, so any word from you and your blog helps to cure the homesickness. You could just write, “I saw this bird fly over today”, or “my dog ate all his breakfast and that would be fine with me!” Even the most mundane post is appreciated! Thank you for your blog; it helps give a smile to so many people! Probably more than you will ever know!!! And it's okay to have a life too!!

Life's a Beach! said...

Wayne, sometimes I think a once a week post (if even that) is a lot more realistic. It's not like anyone gets paid for blogging! (Well, maybe some people do.) Take a break and don't sweat it. Have fun in Merida! Sometime soon, I hope to make that trip.

Anonymous said...

I have learned so much from your blog and you have motivated me to get going myself, after reading yours and other blogs. Whenever you do post, it's most insightful. Gracias!

Anonymous said...

Who is the new canine family member?


Anonymous said...

of course you should only write when you're motivated. but if you feel you've run out of materials, we'd love to hear about your new girl. pets are always fun to read about.

ahhh, carnaval in merida sounds great! i remember seeing some pix on one of the blogs some years back. they have great carnaval parades where we used to live in sicily. hope to make it to mardi gras and merida for that occasion someday.

have a great weekend!

teresa in lake stevens

Nancy said...

Wayne, I can't wait for your Carnaval pics; I'm sure they will be much better than mine! We will be there also. Would you mind letting me know how easy it was to get the box seats? I know about the web site but I'm not sure what to do. Any other Merida readers who could help me out please feel free to write me at
And I enjoy your blog, no matter the frequency.

barbara hopkins said...

you know what we need? and by "we" i mean all of us of a certain age. battery rechargers! i have one and i use it for my camera and flashlights. then, when i pop the recharged batteries back in, they are as good as new.

yeah, that's what we need!


- Mexican Trailrunner said...

I totally understand. Write when the spirit moves you and I'll always be glad to catch up with your goings on.
Blogging IS hard to keep fresh and fun.
You are appreciated!

Steve Cotton said...

I am wiuth you, Wayne. For some reson, these trip posts take a lot longer. I just spent 6 hours finishing one -- and lost all of the photographs. I may soon slip into the Once a Week Club -- and I am referring to posts.

Have a good trip to Merida. I wish I could go with you.