Monday, January 24, 2011

Quick Updates

Things are quiet on the home front again. Yes, the seven puppies have now moved on.

We returned them to Alison at Isla Animals last Wednesday. It is up to her now to decide what their little fates will be. I do know that one of the little males (the one we considered keeping, actually) has already found a new home.

Having the puppies here was like riding on a roller coaster. First we wanted to keep one. Then not. Which one? Back and forth. We finally decided that a puppy is just something that we do not need in our lives again. Dog, maybe. Puppy, no.

Yes, it was very hard to see them go. I miss picking them up. I miss kissing them and getting little puppy kisses in return. I miss teaching them. I miss watching them each develop their own little personality. I don't miss the noise. I don't miss the mess.

Would I foster another litter of puppies if the chance arises? Maybe. I'm not sure on that one. It is a hard thing to do and then not to have any say as to their final homes is rough.

But Mama Dog, whom we call Doxy, is still with us. Worming her way ever further into my heart with each passing day. She always was a smart, loving dog right from the start. Now that the puppies are gone, her personality is really starting to shine and express itself. I am enjoying the crap out of having her around. And I don't really mind that I have to walk her. It gets me out of the house! We still haven't made the final decision about her. We have some time. We are keeping her until she can be spayed and then heals. I'll let you know!

On the computer front, we were very lucky. One of our friends here on the island had a brand new laptop that had been purchased for somebody else. That person decided that they didn't want it so he was stuck with it. We were more than happy to buy it from him and be back in business so fast.

I do want to publicly thank all of you who came forward with offers to help. I knew I could count on my readers. You are a fantastic group of people!


jeanie said...

Bless your heart Wayne....your nest must feel empty right now. I hope that you keep Doxy. That poor girl could use some comfort in a forever home.

KfromMichigan said...

I think you should keep Mama Doxy! She will be so very sad without you!

Steve Cotton said...

Glad to have you back up.

Lisa in Denver said...

Ooooo, I hope keeping Doxie works out. She is fabulously sweet and in slightly different circumstances you know we would take her.

I know I felt the same way when our litter of puppies went away. I still look back on that time as one of the best.

Love you guys!

Derek said...

Glad to hear you got a decent laptop, Wayne! Actually, I could help you get past the Spanish OS, but those Spanish keyboards are a PITA!