Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pineapple Made Easy

A good friend of mine recently received a gadget that she just raves about. She is so enamored of it, that she picked one up for me while visiting NOB. I finally got a chance to try it out and thought I would pass along the results to you. Just in case any of you have heard of it and wondered if it really works.

The gadget in question is a pineapple slicer. Easy, peasy slices while leaving the core in one piece. Which then can be used to make yourself one of those exotic type cocktails as you marvel at how much work you saved yourself.

Start with a ripe pineapple.

This is the gadget. It is designed to be pushed into the pineapple and twisted, much like a corkscrew in a wine bottle.

But first you have the cut the top off of the pineapple! This is an important step.

Next line up the gizmo on top of the pineapple and firmly push the little teeth into the meat of the pineapple.

Learn from me. Put the pineapple in the sink while twisting down the gizmo. You are going to generate a lot of juice and a lot of mess.

There is no way to know if you are at the true bottom of the pineapple or not. Unless, of course, you drill right through it. Which you don't want to do because then you will have lost your receptacle for that exotic drink!

When you think you are there, stop screwing around and lift it out. Supposedly pulling all these uniformly cut slices with it. Kind of like a spiral cut ham.

I personally do not like the heart of the pineapple and this gizmo solves that problem nicely. It comes out all in one piece. Kind of like a plug you see geologists taking out of the ice on Discovery.

I must admit, even though I was pleased with my exotic drink receptacle, I was not pleased with the quality and amount of pineapple slices.

Although I appreciate the gift, I doubt that I will ever use it again. I guess I'm old fashioned. I like skinning the pineapple and slicing my own. I find that much more gratifying.
By the way, this is the post that inspired the quiz. The song from Annette Funicello, Pineapple Princess, kept running through my mind as I was using this gizmo. If you don't know who Annette Funicello is, ask your Dad. I'm sure he had a crush on her just like I did.


Theresa in Mèrida said...

I totally agree with you on the pineapple corer. Interesting as a curiousity but unless you make a lot of those drinks you miss some of the fruit. A good sharp chef's knife is more versatile. I wonder if they have a tool for making those pineapple boats you see on buffet tables?

jeanie said...

LMAO I just went through the Micky Mouse Theme in my head! I had a huge crush on Cubby. I was jealous of Annette because she had boobs.

1st Mate said...

If you happen to have a big fat pineapple, which is the kind I look for, you are going to lose a lot of fruit. This gadget is for only one size. But now I'm thinking, suppose they made it adjustable, and hooked it up to a power device so you don't have to do all that screwing around, just hit a button and let the machine do the work. I guess that's how Dole does it.

Nancy said...

I love kitchen gadgets but after reading this I think I will forego this one. I kept thinking "what about all that lovely juice going down the drain!!"


Nancy said...

I always thought I wanted one of those onion chopper things but I always figured the infatuation would end like this one. Thanks for the tip!

Jane said...

LMAO Jeanie! I didn't have a crush on any of those twits, was never jealous of Annette's papayas, and didn't like being the first in my hood to grow bazongas, when all I really wanted was a Mickey Mouse hat!

Anonymous said...

I have one of the best pineapple slicers in the world. Only problem is she expects me to clean up the mess...

La Costenita said...

how much do u charge when you rent your cabana for a week?

Anonymous said...

I would imagine it works better on the firm green crappy pineapples that we get NOB.