Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Chock Full 'O Goodness

The rest of the posts this week are going to be dedicated to the Yucatan State Fair. Held in the village of Xmichquil (or something like that!) just outside of Merida, this event attracts thousands of people each day.

Imagine your own State Fair only in Spanish. Plus more. I'll be showing you some of the "more" later on. But first, there is one item at the fair that I think deserves it's own post.


Derived from a combination of the two Spanish words salchicha, meaning sausage (we say hot dog) and the word papas, meaning potato.

I was first introduced to this culinary delight while touring in Costa Rica. They were a common item in restaurants. I ate more than my fair share. Upon returing to Mexico, I asked around in vain for them. Nobody around these parts had even heard of them! Well, maybe a few people who were raised in the state of the Yucatan, but not many of them even. I despaired of ever having them again.

Then I visited the Yucatan State Fair three years ago and BAM! They were everywhere! I was in heaven.

Just imagine the aroma that is emanating from this bubbling pot of grease.

But, alas, dear readers. I am on a bit of diet when it comes to salt, fats and sugar. So, my health comes first. I could only longingly look at and admire this white trash culinary delight from afar. Not one passed my lips.


lisa said...

Looks good! Can't wait to see more.

Ann said...

Yum! State fairs are lots of fun....can't wait for the and more!

KfromMichigan said...

Good for you ....! I love a good fair with lots of stuff to look at! (and purchase)

Jackie said...

I was searching for more info on this dish and came across this:

"Salchipapas is sometimes served with a savory coleslaw on the side or a fried egg or chesse on the top." Apparently salchipapas are the number one fast food in Peru according to Wiki. A heart attack waiting to happen!