Monday, December 27, 2010

At Least It Wasn't In My Bonnet!

While sitting on the back porch the other day, I glanced down and saw this guy.

He was already dead, thankfully. I scooped up his gigantic dead body and took a picture of him sitting on a flyswatter. I sure hope his pals don't come around to visit. I have never seen a bee this big on the island. I hope the wayward winds just blew him in!

Did anybody watch the eclipse last week? I didn't make it up that late. I did, however, get a shot of the moon just as it came up over the water that night. Impressive.


Steve Cotton said...

Cool ginger-colored bumble bee. We only have the black variety over here -- as far as I know. They are quite docile, except when they are nesting.

When I was at the beach house, one month each summer they would dig individual burrows in the sand to lay their eggs. And they were quite protective of their nurseries. Whenever I would walk across the sand, they would waddle out of their holes and take flight after me. As slow as they are, they are not very fearsome.

Ann said...

I didn't make it up that late either--it was very cloudy here, so wouldn't have seen much anyway! Great shot of the moon & the bee!

1st Mate said...

We had the eclipse directly overhead and got sore necks staring at it. Got to get lounge chairs before the next one.

Dan in NC said...

Isla, got to see it up here in NC - and see it was the operative word. Walked out side at 0230, looked up, and yep! the sucker had a dark red tint - about the same colour as my nose starting to get frostbitten!
Nice - but best seen from a lounge on the beach at Copacabana..
Dan in NC

KfromMichigan said...

Way past my bed time! Saw it on TV. Those puppies are so darn cute! They want out of the cage!