Monday, November 22, 2010

Where To Start?

I suppose at the beginning is the first place. But the beginning takes us back in time two years or more. That was when I was first introduced to Steve by our mutual blogger friend, Andee. She thought I would enjoy his blog...and him. She was absolutely right on both counts.

Ok, fast forward to today's time. Steve and I had been wanting to meet in person for quite some time now but just have never had the opportunity. Then came the announcement for the Third Annual Blogger's Conference to be held again in Merida. And Steve was going to attend and be one of the featured speakers! Of course I extended a warm welcome for him to come visit us here on the island before we took off for Merida. He graciously accepted.

Being the person that I am, I mixed up his arrival dates and thought he was coming in on Thursday. Turns out it was Wednesday! No problem. With just a little bit of hectic scrambling, the guest room was completed and readied for him and plans made to meet him on the Cancun side of the ferry.

Of course we recognized each other at first glance. You can't be in constant contact with someone for that long, and see their picture plastered all over their blogs without recognizing each other. We made the trip over with no problem and Steve was suitably impressed with the beauty of our Caribbean water.

That night, with some other friends in tow, we took Steve to our favorite restaurant in town, Olivia's. We all scarfed up on the great Mediterranean fare and enjoyed the quiet, candlelit ambiance of this place.

The next day I took Steve on a whirlwind tour of the island. We visited all of my favorite spots and some of my not so favorite ones. He recognized each place we stopped with no extra explanations needed. It was a strange feeling for me.

So early the next morning we crossed over to Cancun to pick up our rental car for the week and were off to join the other bloggers in Merida.

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