Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Random Merida

Off we went, Steve and I, heading for the conference in Merida. I was really glad it was a nice day when we left the island so we could sit up top on the ferry. It is a totally different experience up there and the spread of color all around is magnificent.

One evening I took a stroll through the main square on 62nd street and was pleased to see Merida awash in the glow of Revolution Day lighting. Merida likes to dress up her streets with lights. Christmas is especially festive.

Whenever I see this, the song by the popular Mexican artist, Luis Miquel, goes through my head. "Mexico, Mexico....." It is sort of the unofficial national anthem.

I was surprised to see the "bandshell" area was now surrounded by vendors. There were two distinct groups offering up their wares.
The first is the transient, live by the seat of their pants dirty hippies. Why do they all make jewelry out of coconuts and metal wire? Some of the stuff is fun and interesting but most of it is along the lines of "seen that everywhere, not interested anymore".

The second group, also as plentiful in these parts as ants, are the Chiapans. Now these people, although poor to the nth degree, are true artists. The stuff they weave and the complicated patterns are truly amazing. The amount of work that goes into one piece astounds the mind.

Meanwhile, back at our hotel and my favorite in Merida, The Reforma, I took a look over the courtyard wall to show you the swimming pool. I've never been in it and probably never will. I like that I have a choice though.

The courtyard gathering place just outside my door. Always quiet. Always shaded. Always inviting to just sit. Many a morning coffee has been consumed at these little tables.

So tomorrow Steve and I say goodbye to Merida and hit the road for our Yucatecan adventure!


Steve Cotton said...

I can hardly wait to find out what we did. That old memory of mine -- you know.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, those amazingly talented textile workers, and no one to really appreciate them .... always a heartbreaker for me .... but how many of those pieces can one buy..????

O Robert

lisa said...

Love the light show, many different colors and very festive looking! You must be enjoying yourselves very much!

Jackie said...

I was glad to see Steve got to ride up on top of the ferry. That's a view not to be missed.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!! 2+2= Steve Cotton!! It took a while to put it together. Nice ta meet ya steve!:-))