Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In Case You Should Need Him

I know from personal experience that one of the most devasting things that can happen to you while on vacation is to get a tooth ache. Or have a filling fall out. Or chip a tooth. Or any other problem that requires immediate dental care. Therefore, I am very happy to tell you about the dentist here.

He is a dentist for the Navy, stationed here at the Naval Station. In his off hours and part time, he sees civilian clients. His office is located just a few doors down from the Hotel Carmelina and kitty korner from the Francis Arlene. On the right side of this hallway.

Once you step into the hallway, you can't miss it.

He has signs bilingual everywhere. These show his hours of operation. He takes walk-ins or you can call to get an appointment. His English is very limited but his wife, who makes the appointment and quizzes you about your problem, speaks English.

He has a myriad of little signs on his window. Each offering the various services that he can perform for you. If you have trouble communicating with him, I suppose you could go out and just point to the appropriate picture!

I have been to him twice and walked away very satisfied. Many of my friends here on the island use him also. In fact, he is so good that I have friends in Cancun who come over here just to treat with him! His prices are very reasonable too.
So the next time you have a toothache in paradise, don't fret it. Give him a call.


Jane said...

Appears he has a sense of humor: "Romantic" heart eyes on whitening tooth and dog bones inside X-ray tooth are my favorites. Nice location too.

Life's a Beach! said...

Nice to get an exact location! I never know when bad juju will strike!

KfromMichigan said...

Good to know .. Thanks!

IslaZina said...

He is one of two great dentists of my lifetime experience. I just love the man and his family and what he has done for me and my guests!

Kim said...

Thanks so much for the info. So nice to know we wouldn't have to go to Cancun in an emergency. I saw the office when we were on Isla in June. Very convenient location. Will put the information in our guest book