Monday, October 25, 2010

A Night From Hell

Monday and Monday evening had been very busy and very tiring for us. We actually parted company with the Family and headed back to our hotel room by 9:30pm. We needed a good night's sleep and we still had that drive back to Cancun to look forward to in the morning.

We thought that maybe we had gotten off lucky. One of the lesser, side stages had been playing music all night and it wasn't too bad. We could barely hear it from our room. Then it stopped.
What replaced it almost made me leap out of bed in fright.

That big stage right across from our room came to life with a suddenness and loudness that cannot be described. I think they had both the volume and the bass turned up as loudly as they would go. The windows shook and the wooden panels that closed over the windows came loose and swayed with the vibration coming at us. I could even feel the music in my pillow!

We tossed. We turned. We cursed ourselves for getting a park side view. I put pillows over my head. I put toilet paper in my ears. Nothing drowned out that loudness of that noise coming from that stage. It was pure Hell. And it continued, unabated, until 5 in the morning!

Needless to say, those last two hours before we had to get up were pure heaven. I'm sure I did not fall asleep but rather passed out!

We were able to get our ourselves around, have coffee and check out of the hotel in time to pick up Andrea at her parent's house by 8am. Carlos had returned the night before since he had to get back to work. We had an uneventful drive back to Cancun, met our friend Lisa for lunch at the car ferry and were safely home by 3:45pm.

All in all, a very nice trip. An eye opening trip. Although I enjoyed myself tremendously, I don't think that this is a fair we will ever attend again. Once was enough. Too many people in a small space for my comfort.

Why, then, am I so looking forward to attending the Yucatan State Fair later in November!!!


MD in Texas said...

Oh boy.....I can FEEL your pain.

Reminds me of the unbelievably loud music, and particularly the bass, that Chimbo's was playing on Playa Norte. Thankfully that has stopped! Nothing can block that noise!

Sounds like a great trip otherwise though!


KfromMichigan said...

I feel for you .. I hate loud music! Sounds like the trip had its good and bad points.

Life's a Beach! said...

Ugh. What a night!

Jackie said...

I saw that coming!

Jane said...

Well, "someone" could have sauntered out to clip wires, but maybe they don't allow Swiss army knives in Yucatan. ;-)

Tancho said...

Boy, can I sure understand what you were going through. We go to Mazatalan 3 or 4 times a year, and one year our timing was off. But the bands were on, to 5 in the morning, then at 7 someone with a brand new stereo decided to open both doors and serenade the neighborhood as a public service.
Mexicans love noise.....any noise...

Arizona Kelly said...

Sounds like an awful night. Ugh. But to answer your question... Why are you looking forward to the Yucatan State Fair?? You might wonder, but we, your friends and readers know the answer. It is because you my friend, are a Fairahaulic! And you are already craving salchipapas and a spin on the tilt-o-whirl!

Anonymous said...

Would it be heaven (or hell) for a tiltawhirlholic to test equipment at state fairs, and be paid with fried food on a stick?

(Dear RO, just thinking about it makes Jane sick!)