Monday, August 16, 2010

A New Kid On The Block

There's a new place in town on Avenue Rueda Medina that I have been hearing good things about. So the other day we decided to check it out.

Introducing the new Island Cafe.

They have a little something for everybody. Specializing in scrumptious homemade sandwiches made to order. A la Subway, but with class. They also offer pizzas, snacks and (drumroll) homemade pastries!

I like their menu. It is bright and cheerful.

Inside is equally as bright, and even more importantly, it is easy to read. I didn't think the prices too outrageous either. Most sandwiches were in the 46 to 56 peso range. ($3.80-$4.70)

Plus, if you are an Island resident, you get a discount. Big whoop to that!

After you have told one of the pretty staff members which bread you want, what kind of cheese you want (they even have pepperjack!), what condiments you want on it and if it should be toasted or not, she sets to work making it right in front of you.

Everything in there looks clean and state of the art. But the best part is the giant array of pastries made in their own ovens. Take a look at these babies.

Cakes and pies were in a cooler so I apologize for the quality of these shots. But drool away anyway.

I will definately be giving these cinaminimonumum rolls a try.

And maybe an apple or mint pie too!

They also have a very good selection of beverages.

They are located almost directly across from the Pemex gas station. Just look for that and then cross the street. Can't miss it.

I heartily recommend this place and am very pleased that it has joined our choice of eateries here on the Island. I'll be back. So watch for me!


Ann said...

This looks great! And the sweets look yummy....Do you know what time they open? I can see stopping when I'm out walking in the am...then I can walk off the calories!

Arizona Kelly said...

Yay! thanks for the review. Sounds yummy. Looks like a great location too right across from Pemex. That will be perfect for mornings when we are leaving the island, don't feel like running into town to eat breakfast and then all the way back home. We can take our luggage with us, eat and then conviently walk across to the ferry. Perfecto :)

MD in Texas said...

I needed some place to get an early breakfast before I took the ferry to Cancun back in July for a meeting and found this place. They open early and I grabbed a coffee and a kolache filled with cheese and sausage to eat on the ferry. It was SO good!!!

I met the owner as well and he seems like a really nice guy!

Can't wait to try more from them on our next trip.


Melissa said...

I remember this place. My friend and I were in search for a good cup of coffee and someone recommended this place to us....sorry to say we were early birds and they were not open at 6:45 A.M.!!! Do you remember me? I was with my friend and recognized you while you were sitting outside in centro having a cup of coffee with your friends on 7/23. It was great to meet you!!!
P.S. Don't eat too many of those delectable desserts!!! Better yet, have one for me :) Peace

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

Yummy. That place looks great. And fresh pastries!!!! I am not a huge fan of most pastries in Mexico from the large chains - those look so fantastic!!!!

Definatly on the list for our visit to Isla Mujeres.

Kim said...

Thanks for update. Donna had told us about this in June but I had forgotten already :) Can't wait to try it on our next visit in October. So happy you're back writing daily. I especially love the photo updates. Great job.


Calypso said...

I don't know the place leaves me cold (except for the pretty girl of course). Just doesn't have that funky down to earth Mexico ambiance. I bet those pastries are not the one peso variety. I guess it just looks too touristy for my taste - which is why I am hiding out in Xico ;-)

Life's a Beach! said...

Wayne, the cinnamon rolls were mighty tasty, but I like the bakery goods out in La Gloria better. I didn't try the sandwiches. They look good!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great new place! Hubby Vince, the health inspector definitely approves of all the stainless steel counters!

Thanks for all your updates! Really appreciate all the latest news.

Doris aka Doreese

drgeo said...

Ah, the sign says they deliver! I wonder if they deliver to my house in Texas? But first I must wipe the drool of my computer screen.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Calypso.. Its a great looking place for New York, San Francisco, even Paris or Rome. When I'm on Isla I enjoy native rather than.." I have too much money look what I built".. I dont understand how they're going to keep afloat. It's beautiful yes but theres an awful lot of pastry to sell before it turns to chicken food.. Maybe I'm grumpy about it because all I see are CALORIES... Hmmm must discuss this with therapist. Cheers...
Ps. I do hope it does well because the owners sure sunk a hell of a lot of DOUGH (no pun intended) into the place...

Thanks Wayne...Its nice to be able to vent freely

KfromMichigan said...

The pastry looks so yummy!

Anonymous said...

drool i did-i could gain weight just looking at those, and believe me, i need to lose, not gain any more. i really like their sign and the menu as well. it's always nice to have a new place to try in town. glad to see that you are getting out more.

if you'd like to put a face on this commenter, read cynthia and mike's blog. they came for lunch yesterday and she posted about their visit as well as adding some pictures. you'll see what i mean by i need tolose weight-at least 25lbs. i'm determinted to do so by christmas. then i can eat all i want when we go on our southern caribbean cruise.

take care wayne.

teresa in lake stevens

lisa said...

That sure made me hungry! Looks much nicer on the inside than the outside!

D and B W said...

That was a fun post with yummy looking pictures. Thanks Wayne:)

Sue said...

I think this is one of those places that will satisfy the craving those of us who live here have for something other than the usual food offerings rather than being a big tourist draw. The fact that they deliver is important for long-term renters who don't want to go out all the time and may just want a break by ordering in. I had their salami sub and it was GREAT! And I thought the price was well worth it, considering it was loaded with toppings that I chose, the bread was wonderful, and it was really a very good sandwich. Didn't try anything else yet, but there were enough pastries there to interest me. I do wonder how much they sell in a day though.

Anonymous said...

i don't understand why some people say it looks too touristy. heck, if the food is good, i don't care what it looks like. but of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion. hope you got my other comment about cynthia's blog. perhaps you just haven't seen it yet.

teresa in lake stevens

Anonymous said...

Your blog seems to get a few negative comments here and there , and I never understand why.
Not all the ppl on Isla are tourists...not all the tourists want to eat Mexican 24/7.... what is so wrong with having variety????
I so can't wait to get back over to Isla so I can try this place.... cause honestly, I am less then impressed with some of the choices I have on the main strip.

Thanks for pointing out anther great eat!!!!!