Thursday, July 29, 2010

These Should Keem 'Em Warm

I got a call the other day from one of my readers. He was calling to tell me that he had brought a donation of sweaters to donate to Project Warm Hearts.

Below is the proof that at least seven more people will be keeping warm and toasty in the mountains of Veracruz this winter.

A huge thank you to Bill and Michelle Jones for this donation. And....they win the prize for having brought donations the furthest! They carried these heavy sweaters all the way from Alaska with them! (I wonder if they can see Russia from there?)

With this donation, we are now officially swamped with clothing items to give to the children - and adults - of Xixo, Veracruz. If you want to still donate to the charity, which I highly encourage, I would suggest you do it in one of these ways:

1. Donate toys and/or school items

2. Bring cash with you to the island and give it to me to hand carry to Veracruz this fall.

3. Use the PAYPAL button on John's blog to make a cash donation.

All cash donations will be used to buy toys and food items for the big Christmas party we hope to give the children again this year.

Thank you all again from the depths of my heart. You all continue to amaze and fortify me!


lisa said...

I think the children and adults of Veracruz, are amazed forified to have people like you to do the things that your doing!

Calypso said...

Of course what Lisa suggests is absolutely true. An amazing kindness. The sweaters look great!

Steve Cotton said...

And, of course, we bloggers could bring our dollars and pesos to the Bloggers' Conference in November.