Friday, July 23, 2010

South Point Revisited

Since we were out and about anyway the other day, we decided to proceed from lunch out to South Point. We thought maybe we would splurge and get one of those expensive ice creams on a stick they sell there. Plus I wanted to see how it was progressing with the modernization project and Carlos had not been out there for three years!

The first thing I did upon debarking from the Tracker was have a good laugh. Little Isal grabbed my hand, looked up into my face and in all seriousness asked, "What ARE we doing at this place?" After I regained my composure, I told her we were here to see the iguanas. I could tell that she thought it was an incredibly stupid idea. Iquanas are everywhere to be seen in the Yucatan where she is from. I could just see her mentally scratching her head, trying to figure out this one more mystery about Gringos.

I was really impressed how they have cleaned the place up and actually have made it a nice place to visit. The views from out there have always mesmerized me anyway. The new palapa building and sidewalks are now complete.

They have even put their foot down and made all of the vendors locate in one spot.

They have even constructed an amphitheater of sorts. I would imagine that it is mostly used for sunrise viewing. This is the place where the first sunrise over Mexico occurs every day.

While we were there, it grew progressively dark and the water really started to churn. Time to head back to the safety of the Tracker!

But first a picture of Isal with the iquanas. I told her to act like she was afraid of them. I don't think she really knows the meaning of being frightened by anything.

And then, of course, big sister had to step in and tell her really how to pose for a picture. I absolutely hate that they make little girls pose like this. Remember, she is only 6 years old and already being taught to pose like this.

In thinking about it, maybe I should just not post any pictures posed like this if they upset me so much. Or better yet, refuse to take them. What do you all think?


Jane said...

I think she's adorable both ways.

IslaZina said...

I hate those poses. I would not take the pictures and show her how pretty she is in her candids!

Sue said...

For us just viewing your photos they all look cute, but you were there when the urging to pose was done, and probably that is what really turned you off - the older woman trying to get a little girl to pose in a non-childish way, something you weren't comfortable with because the little girl IS only 6 and should look like a child (I agree with you on that). Here's a little story that might help you make your decision:

One evening Captain Tony came by with a friend, and they went up to our third floor. He started taking pictures of the views of the lagoon and the colonias, and the friend tried to get him to take pictures of the view facing Cancun. He refused - he didn't like to see Cancun, so he wouldn't take the picture. He takes lots of photos, but it sounds like he won't take photos when he doesn't like what it will show him. So maybe take that pointer from him?

Jackie said...

The amphitheater can be rented for weddings. What a beautiful place to get married.
She is adorable both ways. But I don’t get the posing either. Kids are much more interesting their natural kid positions.

Anonymous said...

I say if it bothers you so much refuse to take the photo! Good for you to practice what you believe in too!

drgeo said...

Help her understand the photography of "candid" versus "posed". Just two different art forms.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Wayne .... there's this Latin thing about all children being lust-bunnies, and it turns me way off as well. I have this feeling that those whose stomachs aren't turned by it are those who think Miss Pre-Teen America is a good thing.

Great shots of Punta Sur .... and the improvements are impressive.

Keep up the great work.

O Robert

Islagringo said...

Interesting to read your comments on this issue. I must admit though, even as I pressed the PUBLISH button, I had decided that I will not take pictures posed like that anymore. At least of minors. If adult women want to pose sexy like that, that is a different matter.

lisa said...

To the average person like me who doesn't know the scoop. I say she is just an adorable little girl who likes her picture taken! South Point looks very nice, but where are all the people?

KfromMichigan said...

Ask sister to not make her pose for your pictures! You like the natural look.

Nancy said...

What a dear little girl. I love that photo of her with the iguana. She's such a cutie and doesn't need those poses to show how pretty she is. How to convey that to her elders, I don't know.

Anonymous said...

I think she's beautiful.
But if anyone exploited her...I'd wanna ring their...#@%*) off with my own hands.