Friday, May 28, 2010

Keeping My Pipes

At long last, all the safety measures that I needed to take to thwart the would-be copper thieves from returning are now in place. At no small expense, I might add. Even though there has been no further attempt at my house, I do hear that they are still roaming the neighborhoods.

At first I thought that they had gained access to the back of my house by traveling over the neighboring rooftops. I now believe that to be false. Black shoe skid marks on my walls where they shimied up are proof enough for me that they just came directly onto my property.

From what I was able to piece together, they used some old concrete blocks that I had innocently left laying around as a stepladder. Although it is not a climb I would want to attempt, I suppose burglars and theives have no such regard for their own personal safety.

The route was the concrete blocks, the hole, the ledge, up to the ledge on the carport roof and then over the small wall that surrounds the second floor.

Once onto the second floor, they had free passage to the back of the house and more pipes via this passageway. The wall on the left is actually the wall of the house of my neighbor.

I have now painted every exposed piece of pipe on my house and on the cabana. I have also "tied" the pipes together in various spots using cable ties. Finally, I had braces installed around the pipes and screwed into the cement. It may not stop a determined thief, but it is certainly going to slow them down. At least long enough for somebody to hear or notice them anyway.

As a final precaution, I have now stopped access from the front of the house to the back via that passageway. I did so by having this floor to ceiling, lockable gate installed. A pain in the ass for me when I want to get to the front of the house. But a bigger pain in the ass for any would-be bad guys.

There was a slight glitch during the installation. As usual, measurements were slightly off and the door didn't exactly close.

That error has now been fixed. The gate is now securely locked and I am at peace.
For now.


Life's a Beach! said...

Thieves are like cats. Right up the wall to get where they want to go. I'm glad you're even more secure now!

Sue said...

I know, we do what we can to deter these thieves but if they really want to get in, they will find a way. But I think the new door makes sense, especially since they can climb to your second floor without a ladder. Good luck, I hope this does the trick.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful efforts, but, as we all know, it was a waste of time and money; after all, "There Is No Crime On Isla".

O Robert

Calypso said...

Measure twice cut once - isn't that what the Monday morning QB's say?

Good job amigo!

Islagringo said...

LAB: you are so right about thieves.

SUE: you are right too. All we can do is make our homes less appealing than our neighbors.

O Robert: you are right too. I suppose I have to spend my time and money on something though!

Calypso: but we play Soccer down here. Therefore, measure once, cut six times.

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

I am glad that you are safer. The pipes are such an issue. But any deterant does help.

I am glad that you are safe.

Babs said...

Gosh, I would hate to live iwth all those gates and bars and locks. Maybe you need to move to San Miguel?
And, guess what,, since I'm in Houstonon someone elses computer I see the word verification and I can comment. So it must be my new search engine - Mozilla Firefox that has been screwing up the works. I'll fix that when I get back to San Miguel!

Islagringo said...

Rosas: i never feared for my safety, just that of my pipes. but your are right. it does make my house a bit more safer from break-ins. not that that would ever happen on this island of no crime!

babs: i do hate living like this. a lot. don't you have bars on your windows in SMA? Isla is really the only place I can think of in all of Mexico where bars on windows is not the norm. And welcome back to commenting. you have been missed!

Jackie said...

What a pain! I hope this works for you.