Thursday, April 29, 2010

What Fun!!!

While at the Mall the other day, we passed by this kiddie attraction.

It a giant plastic ball with an opening for a child to get inside it. It is tethered to a rope which the operator has a hold of. He pushes the ball out into the pool and then gives the rope a jerk everytime the kid tries to stand. It also sets the ball - and kid inside - spinning.

The howls of pure glee coming from inside that ball were enough to make the watching crowd howl with laughter themselves.

My question. Why, oh why, don't they make something like this for adults too? I would be in it so fast your head would spin.


Jackie said...

I wonder if they clean the inside of that ball? You never k now what might come out of a little one when laughing and rolling around.

Linda Dorton said...

They DO make things like this for adults. In some extreme sport website you could find it but I don't know what it is called. But (check out my source of information) on one of the Amazing Race shows I watched, they had the contestants roll down a big hill in a big ball like this. There is such a sport, I just don't know what they call it for adults.

Linda Dorton said...

The sport is called ZORBING or SPHERING.....I found 171,000 hits on google when I looked up:
extreme sports rolling in a giant ball. Thanks for a good laugh today. Here is one site.

Calypso said...

Now Wayne - "Zorbing or Sphering" is not for 60 plus year old guys - watch the bouncing ball - but stay out of it!

Islagringo said...

jackie: ewwwww!

Lin: thanks for doing my research. I had no idea it was that popular.

calypso: as soon as I join the 60 or 60+ crowd, I will rethink this adventure.

Jane said...

Yah calypso, Wayne's younger than me!!! (I'm still "29" and extemely shapely, BTW.) However, I'm not oblivious enough to climb into a plastic ball!

Islagringo said...

jane: thanks for sticking up for me! But you know if we climbed into that ball together we would end up laughing so hard we would pee our pants!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Hey, I want to do it too! But please don't make me wear a hamster costume while doing it. Yeah, it reminds me of the exercise balls for small pets.

Anonymous said...

is it something similar to shooting Tequila??