Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Very Rainy Day

Wednesday was a day I don't want to repeat anytime soon.

Actually it started around 7pm Tuesday night with a downpour. That gradually turned into sprinkles and then went away entirely. Only to return with a vengeance about 3am the next morning.

The wind howled as it came in from the ocean, bringing buckets of rain with it. I got up and shut all the windows and went back to bed.

When I finally did haul myself out of bed, I was quite dismayed to find that the wind had taken down the cable TV line from in front of my house. It didn't break it, just left it dangled half on the ground.....and directly across the path of my exit for the car.

We had errands to run in town, so Bob just held the cable up so I could drive under it and away we went. After the errands were done, we decided to eat at San Martin again. Just a quick lunch because we had guests checking into the cabana later that afternoon.

We had just barely gotten ourselves ensconced at a table and ordered the special of the day, albondigas, when the sky literally opened up! The wind blew and the rain came down not in buckets but rather kegs full! It was horrible.

Here's a picture of the parking lot, taken about 10 minutes into the storm. Notice what a good job all the new sewer drains are doing. Not a sidewalk in sight, let alone the street or curbs.

This poor guy didn't realize that he would be parking in a lake.

And neither did I! Look how high it is up on the Pointer wheels already!

I can't state strongly enough how much I hate having to walk through water like this. It is full of garbage and debris, disease and filth. Anything that is on the sidewalks or streets gets picked up and carried in the water. Including dog and cat feces and urine, spitballs, puke, human urine (yes, the drunks still pee on the street here!), and garbage. Yuk. Yuk. Yuk.

I did feel sorry for the owners of Las Palmas hotel across the street. The entrance to their hotel is a couple of inches above the sidewalk. Can't tell it from this picture. The water was just pouring into their courtyard.

And it didn't help them either that everytime a car went by it created a mini sunami for them. Notice in this video how the car is actually pushing a huge wave of water in front of him.

To make matters even worse, when we got home I discovered that the wind had blown rain in under the door of the cabana and it was soaking wet over there. It took me over an hour to get all the water off the floors and out the front door. Thank goodness the guests were repeat customers and just laughed about the conditions when they got here.

"Can't fight Mother Nature", they cheerfully told me. And I agreed!


Life's a Beach! said...

Whoa! When I was there in November, it rained buckets for days, but I never saw street flooding like that!

jeanie said...

I am sooooo with you about icky water. Gross!

Sue said...

At least the water running into my house through the walls is clean. You're right about the filth on the streets, it is disgusting. One reason I never let the wheels of a suitcase touch my bed when I'm packing, I know the kind of gook that lives on them. Let's hope at least the wind knocks it off soon, this is getting dull.

KfromMichigan said...

I hate that yucky water too! And the smell can be worse!

IslaZina said...

See, you never know what you'll get when you order albondigas!

Michele in Playa said...

The rain poured off our roof and flooded the office yesterday. I stood in the doorway and tried to sweep it away but to no avail. Yuck.