Monday, April 19, 2010

Unadulterated Goodness

I had another one of those out of body type experiences last Friday. The kind that only you readers can give me. Who knew that when I started this little blog, so many people would read it. And good, kind, giving people at that. I never expected that I would get anything out of this blog besides my own pleasure of producing it. Boy, was I mistaken!

Case in point. Last Friday a golf cart pulled up in front of my house, delivering Jim Vasilow and his wife (sorry dear, I forget your name!) to my door. They are from Hudson, New York and faithful readers. And confectionars!

And they had brought me some hand selected presents from the wealth of all things good that they lovingly hand make.

The story surrounding these was funny and interesting.

They are hot and spicy pumpkin seeds (pepitas). There is a woman who has been plying the beaches of Isla for years, hawking her peanuts and pumpkin seeds. They loved these things so much that they went home and duplicated, as best they could, these pepitas for a whole new market. True entrepeneurs.

Then they handed me this beautiful gift box. All burgundy velvet and very elegant looking.

They told me what was inside but it did not really prepare me for when I took the cover off. Took my breath away, it did!

An assortment of handmade chocolate truffels from their shop in New York! Ok, I admit that I am suitably impressed by the contents, but I would like to point out that I am even more impressed that these people, who really do not know me at all, took the time to put this gift together and cart it all the way to Isla, find my house and hand deliver it so that they could meet me. I'm blushing even as I write this.

They left me their business card too.

People, I went to their website and you can to by clicking here. I was really impressed by the assortment of homemade goodies that they have on offer. They do mail order also. So go take a look. For a very reasonable price, you can have them ship some homemade goodness to somebody you love....or even to yourself! I can think of at least five people off the top of my head who love receiving something from them in the mail. I'm sure you can too.

So, a big heartfelt thank you to Vasilow Confectonery. I really appreciate your kindness.


Jamqueen said...

I think a road trip is in my future! These look yummy....I went to their website & decided to see where in NY state Hudson is....only about 60-70 miles away from where I live! Will look & see what else is in the area & make it a day trip.

Sue said...

Our readers are a very giving group. I have stories to tell too - have been working on it on paper these last few days

jeanie said...

What a wonderful gift! I didn't know that Jim had that lovely business.

Calypso said...

Life is a box of chocolates Amigo.


lisa said...

I sure agree with the blogging and that was so sweet of them. No Pun intended ;)

Mark said...

How cool is that! I checked out their site - good stuff... of course there really is no such thing as "bad" chocolate!

Moongrl722 said...

Their candy and pepitas are delicious!!! And the Vasilows are such nice people, too.

Steve Cotton said...

On my temporary sojourn north, you will continue to be one of my lifelines to Mexico.

KfromMichigan said...

You are a very likeable person amigo. And I for one really appreciate you taking the time to write this blog.

Michele in Playa said...

Hudson is just a hop, skip and a jump from my hometown, Loudonville, NY. Great antiquing to be done there but I had no idea about the fine confections! Love me some truffels AND spiced pepitas!!!

Billie said...

Gringo, your blog is really good and your personality shines through it. Who would not want to meet you face-to-face if they were anywhere in your neighborhood.