Thursday, April 01, 2010

So, What Have I Been Up Too?

Ever since the Blogger Meeting* that was held in Merida last April, I have been trying to get back there. I love Merida. Although I would not want to live there. Too hot, too noisy, too crowded, too inland. But I love visiting. Especially because some of the nicest people I know live there.

A lull in the rental property and my health finally combined to allow me to take off for the weekend. I had a very specific plan for going to Merida, which I will reveal later.

We did something a little different this time. Bob and I hooked up with our good friend, Lisa, and her fiance, Diego, and took the bus! Buses here can be really classy and comfortable. It is a four hour trip from Cancun to Merida. That time sure flew by! Lisa and I were aisle buddies and I don't think we shut up for more than three minutes the whole trip!

Upon arrival, we grabbed a cab from the bus station and headed over to our hotel, The Reforma.

This hotel is centrally located one block off the town square and occupies a revamped colonial style building. I love it and it is not overly priced for the location, ambience and comfort. We paid 600 pesos ($49.00) per night.

I love the Reforma. You walk in and are greeted like a friend, not a customer. The foyer area is a two story open plan and is gorgeous.

Rooms ring this hacienda style courtyard. There are little sitting groups of rocking chairs and couches and chairs. All in the old, wooden Colonial style.

This is a common sight in most hotels and open, inside areas of Merida. Plants allowed to trail over the edge, almost reaching the floor.

My favorite part of the foyer is the staircase going up to the second floor rooms. I always expect to see Carol Burnett round that corner, curtain rods sticking out of her dress!

So that's where we stayed. More of this delightful, packed weekend tomorrow.

* I have heard nothing about anybody hosting the 3rd annual meeting. I am assuming that is an idea that has come and gone and nobody is interested anymore. Sad. Or maybe I just haven't been invited??


Life's a Beach! said...

They keep featuring Merida on House Hunters International. Americans buying beautifully done old colonial homes. Makes me want to move on down (but I know I wouldn't want to live inland)!

Jamqueen said...

Beautiful hotel & very reasonable. Someday I hope to do a little more exploring around MX--maybe when Alan is retired!

Steve Cotton said...

I was looking forward to the blogger meeting this year. Ah, well!

Chavo said...

Got a couple of days in Merida to kill and The Reforma looks like a quality hotel that is reasonably priced.

Did you make a reservation beforehand or did you just walk up?

The reason I ask is that I like to keep our schedules fairly flexible when traveling so I hesitate in booking ahead of time if I can help it.


Islagringo said...

Chavo: I made a reservation and they were pretty full the weekend I was there. After Easter weekend, it should loosen up a bit. Here is how to contact them, should you wish:

phone: 999 924 7922

Jackie said...

Beck, The other night those two guys were looking at restored homes in Merida for $150 - $170. They are gorgeous homes.

That looks like a great hotel Can't wait to see more photos of your trip.