Thursday, March 11, 2010


I checked out my favorite piece of beach last Monday. On the edge of the NaBalam hotel, across the water from the Avalon Reef Club.

I love this area because one can actually swim right away and it is hardly ever crowded.

I use the stick that you see in the water just to the right of the sand bags as my beach barometer. It tells me how much the beach area has shifted. Sometimes this stick is actually in the sand of the beach. Not on this day though.

The beach area has actually eroded quite a bit here. Even if I wanted to spread out my blanket and catch some rays, it would be hard to do now. Almost all available space has been encroached upon by the NaBalam's "beach concession". This allows them to put out umbrellas, built those palapas and spread out their beach beds. And charge for the use of them! Not many takers on Monday.

Although it is totally legal, I really resent them turning this area of beach into rental property.


Jamqueen said...

it looks like it gotten worst just since January! We spread our towels there for a little while just off the road; waiting for guys to come back from fishing.

Calypso said...

"Although it is totally legal, I really resent them turning this area of beach into rental property."

Capitalism at its worst!

Croft said...

In Canada, waterfront is technically public up to the highest tide line. The beach cannot be owned but, like in Mexico, resorts and residents go out of their way to let you know they do not want you on "their" beach.

We walked the North Beach, turning down many offers of a chair if we would only buy an overpriced drink.

Life's a Beach! said...

The NaBalam area was bad when I was there in November. I had to wade in the water to get out around the wooden hotel loungers. It peeves me when they make it hard to walk down the beach.