Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Trip To South Point

It seems like it has been cold and gray here forever. Or at least since last November or so. So when the sun came out last week and blessed us once again with warmth and blue skies, I grabbed my camera and headed out on my scooter.

One of my stop was South Point. I was curious to see how the work out there was progressing. I arrived and squeezed my little Honda in between this line of tourist golf carts.

Passing through the fake Caribbean Village, I was met with this view of South Point and the ocean beyond.

I was pleased to see that the wall they had been working on last time I was here was now finished.

They have even had some one replicate authentic Mayan bas relief sculptures on the wall. They look like the clay is still wet. But it isn't.

The wall was necessary because signs alone did not stop the ever intrepid (read: stupid) tourist from venturing to close to the crumbling edge of the cliff. I have written about that phenomenon until I am blue in the face.

I will admit, looking down into these crystal clear blue waters is quite mesmerising.

They have even posted guards all around to make sure that people abide by the signs!

One look at these crumbling edges is enough to keep me from getting too close.

Looking towards my house. It's about 2 miles down the coast. Right by that cell phone tower. You might have to enlarge to really see it.

But the crowning glory of the new construction is this pergola. I must admit, I had my doubts about this when they first started. But I will be the first to admit that they have done a great job with it.

As you can see from this view, that line of garage like doors are stalls to keep the vendors all in one place. And the place looking neat and orderly. Maybe they are too expensive to rent or something, but vendors were set up everywhere but in these garages.

I especially like the way the shadows play on the cement.

The corners with their fake fastening method fascinated me.

It's like a piece of modern art.

If you visit, I would recommend a trip out to the south point of our little island. Which is also the most easterly point in Mexico and has the first sunrise over the country. Enjoy the views. Enjoy the sun. Enjoy the sound of the ocean. Enjoy ignoring the overpriced vendors.


Jamqueen said...

We try to go to Punta Sur at least once every visit. Despite the sculptures, we still enjoy walking around on the pathways & looking at the ocean!

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Great photos. I always like to see what is happening down on the island.

KfromMichigan said...

Great pics! I always enjoy them.

Calypso said...

Great photos amigo - thank you. I know how much it takes to get photos on our Blogs.

I was just saying to Anita how I didn't bargain for 4 months of mostly rotten weather - ugh!

Arizona Kelly said...

Love the pergola! I'll have to show those pic's to Bob. He builds those frequently and I know he will love the look of the rope finish to cover the hardware.

Thanks for a beautiful update on the south end!

Oh yeah, and I can see my house, right there next to yours in the picture of the cell tower. Wish I were there! ;)

Anonymous said...

My favorite photo is the one with what I call "Larry the Lizard" in it!

Roanoke, Virginia

ronnie said...

I always enjoy watching the vendors peel off the "made in china" stickers from the "one of a kind" souvenirs.

Islagringo said...

Jamqueen: yup, if you can ignore the now rusted out sculptures, it is a great view out there.

anonymous: thank you

kfrommichigan: thanks for the encouragement!

Calypso: yes, it is a lot of work to get photos up on the blog. But most of the time, well worth it. Put on a sweater,amigo!

AK: I thought it best not to point out your house in the photo!

gloria: that's Ivan the Iguana! Larry lives on another part of the island! LOL!

ronnie: I have never seen them do that. I have seen them peel off "made in thailand" stickers though! (mexico has a ban on importing things from China, I believe)

Jackie said...

I was out there early this morning. I am surprised that you didn't include a photo of the sign directing you to the view. Like that is needed.