Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Went To The Dogs

There was a dog show recently in Cancun. Having bred, raised, trained and shown dogs in my previous life, I was very excited about this news. Despite the fact that I do not own one now, I am really more of a dog person than a cat person.

I was looking forward to seeing all of the different breeds on display. However, when we got there we discovered it was only an Obedience and Agility Competition. No matter. I used to compete with my little pound rescue girl in Obedience and my Wire Fox Terriers in Agility.

I was disappointed only in the size of the show. It seemed a very poor turnout. But some very good obedience work was on display.

So what are these people doing?

They had just given the "down, stay" command to their dogs and walked across the lot away from them. Silently praying that their dogs stayed down.

The only one who slightly disobeyed was the huskie, second from the right. And then he/she only got up when the owner approaced. Just too excited to have Mommy back at hand. Of note, the dog right next to the huskie is a pit bull. A very well trained pit bull. Too bad all owners aren't that responsible.

I fell in love with this little guy. Most likely a Jack Russell cross of some kind. What an adorable little fella he was!

I hope Cancun hosts another dog show soon. But next time I would like it to be a confirmation class so I can get a look at all the breeds represented in Mexico. Rest assured, if they do, I will be there!


KfromMichigan said...

I think you need a puppy!

threecollie said...

What breed did you work with in your previous life? I used to show smooth coated fox terriers...lots of fun!

jeanie said...

I knew you were a dog guy. I loved it when you when you joined Heather's gang in Playa. I was sure you would end up with that lovely perita with the sad eyes.

Steve Cotton said...

Jiggs never did well in the down-stay competition. He was so haughty to the other dogs, I think he was afraid they would gang up on him as soon as I turned my back.

lisa said...

I sure agree, I am a dog person rather than a cat, but my cat has grown on me a little.

Anonymous said...

Very cool and yes, you need a puppy!

Yve Kosugi said...

Ha! I cracked up when you said that the only one that didn't listen was a Husky. I live in northern Canada and have a Husky as do many neighbours and can vouch for their independent nature. They will do most anything on a leash, but off harness they write the rules;)

Islagringo said...

kfrommichigan: you are right. I would love to have a dog again. But are you willing to come down and dogsit when I get the urge to travel?

threecollie: how funny! I had wire haired fox terriers! We did a lot of go to ground work with them as well as confirmation.

Jeanie: why did you have to bring that up? It was a very, very hard thing to do to walk away and leave her there. But she had a home within 3 days of that dog wash day.

steve: they say our dogs develop our personalities.

lisa: cats are just another critter to be loved. And I know you have plenty of love in your heart for all the critters!

anonymous: see my answer to kfrommichigan!

yves: but the huskie did listen. He just got too excited at the prospect of getting all that love from his momma when she walked back. He was very well-behaved.