Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hiding In Plain Sight

One of my commenters made a remark last week regarding my post about South Point.

She referred to the picture of "Larry the Lizard". I corrected her that it was really "Ivan the Iguana".

Well, here's his cousing, Igor. Hiding out in plain sight. Which is the crack in the rock and which is Igor?

Clever little buggers, aren't they.


Jamqueen said...

Great photos ! They do blend in well!

ronnie said...

That is Ivana the Iguana,definitely a female iguana.

Arizona Kelly said...

I love that! I have named the big guy at Garrafon De Castilla "Bubba".

He loves flour tortillas.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I really couldn't find him in that first pic. They hide well! Fascinating little creatures!!!

Steve Cotton said...

OK. Not even I will fall for that double entendre.

Islagringo said...

jamqueen: watch your step!

ronnie: I'm not sure I want to know how to tell the difference!

AKellY: who doesn't love a flour tortilla?

anonymous: they are indeed fascinating. There is even a greeting here named after them: the iquana nod.

Steve: I give up. Guess I was too clever for even me. What double entendre?