Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Parking

The new water and sewer lines have been buried. The new paver stones have been put in place. All of the speed bumps they originally added to Avenue Guerrero have been demolished. Sidewalks have been widened, the better to be ignored by tourists.
While all of this was going on, the street was closed and navigating around downtown on anything that had wheels was a nightmare. Parking? Don't even think about it. The municipal lot was blocked off from public access. One had to park where one could and make your way on foot to the grocery store, hospital or pharmacy. Or restaurant or night club!
They actually did a pretty good job on the street. It is wider now and it helps that they have banned all parking from the street. Usually this stretch of street that you see above is lined with cars, trucks, motorscooters and/or golf carts. Not now. They gave us this:
It is the new municipal parking lot, located next door to the new La Luna night club. I have parked in this lot exactly twice since it opened. In fact, you can see my little red car in the picture above. Right next to where the tourist on the golf cart is trying to squeeze in and block me from opening my doors. In fact, that is why I don't park there anymore. People park every which way. Sometimes even right behind you and go off to who knows where on their business. Last time I parked there I got into a yelling match with a pickup driver who pulled up right behind me and started to get out of his truck. All the while my car was running and my back up lights were on. I just don't want to have any more altercations so better to stay away.
I hope that the city paves this lot or somehow puts lane markers down so people have some idea of where and how to park. If I could only run for Mayor!


Jackie said...

Yes, I saw how stupidly people were parking there a few weeks ago and avoided pulling my cart in there. It's weird though driving there my there by the square and not having that huge tope anymore.

KfromMichigan said...

Mayor?! then your blood pressure would never be under control!

Life's a Beach! said...

They tore up the street when I was there in late October, so I guess two and a half months really seems like a record for completion! I figured it would be a year. : )

Steve Cotton said...

The man as mayor? I would like to see that administration.

By the way, is Fire Boy stil;l around town?

Nancy said...

You'd get things ship shape around there in a hurry!

But it does seem that striping the parking lot would be a good idea!

Here in Maz the local paper goes around taking pictures of potholes and such and posting a picture in the paper with Dia 1, Dia 2, etc until the city fixes them... so maybe get the paper interested?

Linda Dorton said...

The new cobblestone street looks clean and quaint. What's a little inconvenience when you live in

People don't realize how trying it can be to live in a tourists' mecca. Those folks purposely leave their brains at home for the beach 'n booze vacations!

Score 1pt for Mérida which attracts more travelers than tourists. They enhance the environment instead of detracting from it.

Miguel said...

I really don't understand why they won't allow parking on the side of the street, seems a waste of space and so inconvenient for groceries. The new parking lot has a great view, doesn't seem like the best use of that space, in my opinion. But then, nobody asked me.

lisa said...

Looks a whole lot better!

Anonymous said...

So many changes since we last was there. Our house is across from the ocean view park. Just had to refund both units as the road is tore up and they could not park golf cart in front for a disabled person. Felt bad as had no idea this was going on. Hope it doesn't take forever. lol