Friday, December 25, 2009

Thank You All

Time to say my annual THANK YOU to all of you people out there who once again helped to make the charity, Project Warm Hands, a success.

Because of your generosity, many children in Xico, Veracruz, will once again have warm heads, hands and hearts. And really, what more do you need? Well, maybe a little toy for Christmas would be nice too!

I would be remiss if my first thank you did not go out to John and Anita Calypso. Without their generous gift of time, money and co-ordination skills, none of this Project would have ever come into focus. They have practically dedicated their lives to getting to know their beloved adopted country and its' people....especially the folks in the Xico and Ursulo Galvan areas of Veracruz.

Aided by their good friend, Vicente Garcia, they have identified the neediest of families and made sure your generous giving was put into the right hands. I bow to and applaud these people.

I understand it, but I wish people would stop giving Anonymous donations. I refuse to give you all an anonymous thank you! But here is big internet hug for all of you. I hope its' big enough for you all to share!

Then we come to Jennifer Kelly. Remember when she schlepped down this giant bag of yarn for me? Many hats were made from this stuff. It has also found its' way into various scarves and, more recently, baby items. (Yes, a good friend of mine is in the motherly way!)

Also taking a giant step up with the generosity bat was Kelly Weibel Hansel. She is my friend who makes that fantastic jewelry and has the Etsy site. She is donating 25% of all sales of jewelry, all sales people!, made by Christmas Day. I hope you guys did a lot of shopping there. The kids can use the money!

Others have joined in this year. Teresa Freeborn, Carl and Debbie Shortridge and JackieinPDX all sent their special brand of love in their own ways. All is appreciated.

Richard and Joanne Graingery gave the most from the furthest away. They are friends of mine from Canada and last year they brought down a slew of hats and gloves. Some were even matched sets! All were delightful. Thanks guys!

Some of my hat creations before sending them off.

Randal Croft, just like last year, got on board with us again this year. A trusty and giving guy. Thank you Randal.

And who can forget the Ladies of Tanglewood Manor?

Or Project Warm Hearts friend, Cheryl Krull, who lugged all of those hats, mittens and scarves down here to me. I smile the biggest smile possible whenever I look at this picture. One generation, one culture, doing for another. Thank you Cheryl for coming up with the idea, seeing it to fruition and giving us all of those loving results. Just splendid of you.

Finally, none of the many items brought to me to distribute to the kids nor the things I made, would have ever made it to the kids this year without the selfless caring of two very special people.....Kathy and Jaimie Smith. On a trip from there home near Playa del Carmen back to the USA, they carried all the love you had brought and hand delivered it to John and Anita in Xico. These people made a vast detour to their route and plan in order to make sure that the goods got to where they needed to be. I love you guys!

There are no party pictures......yet. John and Anita tell me that the big neighborhood party that you guys help make possible for the kids will be held in January. I'm sure John will not skimp on details or pictures when it happens. When it does, I'll be sending all of you over his way to take a first hand look.

It is with great sadness, more than I expected when I started this, that I have to announce that this was our final year for this charity. It is something that has not only brought great happiness to the children of Xico, but to me as well. Mexico, in her infinite wisdom, has chosen to put too many barriers in the path of the project succeeding again or being able to move forward. I won't go there today. I will just thank all of you again so sincerely and so deeply.

Until I started this Project in 2008, I really had no idea of how many readers I have and certainly no idea that they were such a bunch of loving, caring, concerned and dedicated people. You strengthen my love and belief in humanity daily. And I thank you for that.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the bottom of my heart to all of you.


Calypso said...

Of course we second everything Wayne said here - it was a grand gesture to care enough about the children in our area being that he is a good distance away - as well as the many others from still farther that chose to help.

This year we went out beyond Ursulo Galvan to children in Xico, Coatepec and Teocelo. Within a 10 mile or so radius we found so many needy recipients who needed warm hats and mufflers this time of year.

We actually started distributing the warm things in November and still are passing along the occasional hat.

We opted to donate a Santa's bag of toys to a woman having a party for the very poor children of Xico. That will happen on the Day of the King's (Dia de Los Reyes)in January.

It is all happening rather bittersweet in that the Mexican government has managed to make the gift giving process virtually untenable. This mostly because they have taken the position that a few bringing new and used clothing in to Mexico under the guise of charity end up selling these items in the market place.

Of course our position is to not throw the baby out with the bath water and punish their own needy from the bad behavior of a few - but they have a different take sadly.

There are so many needy people throughout the world these days - we encourage you all to look close to home and continue to help others where possible.

Anita and I thank you all for caring.

Happy Holidays

John & Anita Calypso

Croft said...

And thank you Wayne for all you have done to make it possible for us to participate! I know how much work it took for you, John, and Anita to make this work and the kids appreciate it.

Maybe over the next year we can all figure out a way we can continue to help these special people. Thanks again!

Croft Randle
Campbell River, BC

Jackie said...

Thank you Wayne for providing me a way to help those kids.
Merry Christmas!

KfromMichigan said...

It was my pleasure to donate money for this special project. Can't wait to see all the happy faces.

jeanie said...

Merry Christmas Wayne! You are a very kind and generous soul yourself. Your warm the hearts of all the folks that read your blog everyday.

lisa said...

Merry Christmas!

Kathy said...

If you guys want to keep this going, I'll make sure the hats get from Isla to Xico. We'll be in the US and can call on various mules throughout next year and we'll take care of making sure items get from either the US to Xico or from Isla to Xico. So keep those knitting needles clicking, Wayne. :)

Anonymous said...

You have inspired me to learn how to knit! Thank you! Next year, you will have some gifts from me for the children.

lagovistajenn said...

Wayne, thank you for your kind and generous heart. Also, for taking the time to write this blog for all of us Isla addicts out here. I am so happy that you were able to put that big bag of yarn to good use. Here's hoping you have a happy and HEALTHY 2010. See you in 3 days. If you need anything from the states let me know and I would be happy to bring it your way.

Anonymous said...

It is truly sad that the stupidos in the Mexican gvt has put a stop to this heart-warming charity!

Isla Chica