Friday, December 11, 2009

Coming Up Fast

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Yikes! I can't believe that Christmas is coming up so fast! It is so easy to lose track of it living down here. After all, nothing about the weather gives you any clue! And it's not like I haven't had other things on my mind lately!

We have always been the type of people (compulsive? prepared? Type A? just plain anal retentive about Christmas?) who plan for Christmas giving all year long. We are not usually caught up short weeks, or days, before Christmas gets here, wondering what on Earth are we going to get for Aunt Ruth or Cousin Mike. (I made those people up. I would never buy anything for them anyway!)

This year is just a tad bit different. We don't have tons of shopping to do, thankfully. But there are still a few odds and ends that we want to put under the tree for some select friends. I'm doing a fairly good job of not stressing about it.

And if you're still left wondering what more you may need to purchase, how about giving one of the great necklaces or bracelets that my good friend Kelly makes? I featured her work awhile back and it is some gorgeous stuff. She has now learned how to drill into sea glass and her collection of jewelry containing this unique piece of art is awesome. If nothing else, give her a click and go take a look. Oh heck, buy something too!

And just one more quick reminder. Since I am sure you do not want a bunch of kids in the freezing cold mountains of Mexico to look as deflated as this Snowman.

Get thee to Calypso's blog and hit that PayPal button and make a donation to Project Warm Hearts. These kids deserve a great Christmas and only we are going to make it happen.

Have a great weekend everybody!

* * * For some reason, my linking abilities seem to be failing me. Here are the links you need:

Kelly's jewelry:

Calypso for the Kids:


Arizona Kelly said...


Thank you for the reminder of Project Warm Hearts and Calypso's blog. I am clicking over there now!

(And thanks of course for the link to my jewelry store! You are my BFF... forever!)

Arizona Kelly said...

OOPS! Forgot to mention how amazing the zocolo looks all decked out in its winter wonderland glory :)

Great shots as usual!

Anonymous said...

Snowmen & white Christmas trees sure look out-of-place in the tropics. What happened - did they run out of palm trees? Jejeje


Anonymous said...

P.S. The link to Kelly's jewelry says, "Link broken." :-(


Anonymous said...

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kelly for her wonderful jewelry. I have bought quite a few items and they are all beautiful! Everything is very nicely made and comes in a nice gift box. Thanks Kelly!

Thank you for the photos of the zocalo...looks nice for Christmas! Hope you are feeling better very soon and can get it all figured out. I just went through a health scare myself so I know how hard it is to wait.


Jackie said...

No nativity scene in the zocola?

Calypso said...

Gracias Amigo and Kelly too.