Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Random Shots

These shots were taken during our recent bout of bad weather. They really don't fit in anywhere else nor are they worthy of their own posting. But I did want to share them.

This is one of Isla's wild downtown cats. Most of them look fat and sassy like this. Mostly thanks to the efforts of one woman, Lupita. She is a shop owner downtown and regularly walks around at night leaving piles of cat food for them. Which she has purchased herself. She rarely accepts donations or offers of help. I recently heard that the Mayor sicked the police on her and told her to knock it off. I can't verify this, but the Mayor thinks that it looks awful for the tourists to see her feeding wild cats. Gives out a wrong image. Yup. I agree. It is just awful to see a kind, caring person doing something nice for the homeless animals. Just disgusting. (this is the same Mayor who won't allow food vendors in the Zocolo because the tourists would find it disgusting!!!)

We were sitting at Adelita's one dark and stormy night. I was able to get this shot of water pooling on the highly waxed table tops.


lisa said...

Rain, rain and more rain. We had rain last week and we are supposed to get more this week. Better than a foot of snow I guess!

Life's a Beach! said...

Lupita does a wonderful thing for those cats! The vendors were back on the square quite a few nights when I was there, so the mayor must have lightened up on that one. Too bad she doesn't make that ugly non-functioning fountain go away! I never saw it in operation the 2 1/2 weeks I was on Isla. Love the photo of the puddles on the tables!

Anonymous said...

shame on the mayor. she should be awarding that woman a medal for feeding those homeless cats.

how could she think tourists would find vendors disgusting? i love the vendors in the different zocalos when i go to mexico.

have a great day wayne.
teresa in rainy lake stevens, wa.

Jamqueen said...

Thanks for sharing--I know I have a few I see that I try & feed when we are down there.!

Anonymous said...

Oh no~~~~~ No Venders in the Square? They were there Last year. Oh My... I'm already going through withdrawals and I'm not there yet. I cant imagine walking home without a crispy crepe filled with nutella in my hand..

Yes Lupita is very special and each year I slip her a bill or two to help with her costs. Bless her..

Jackie said...

That is why the vendors are no longer in the zocola? How I miss those Sunday nights buying that disgusting food from the vendors and supporting their families. It was torture to sit in the old zocola and watch the families gather after mass and see all of the little kids playing and having fun.
Please, the mayor is not in touch with the general tourists. We don't all stay at Aluxes.

Isla Deb said...

I have a couple photos of that cat myself. I like the rain-on-the-tables shot. In fact, I wish I was there right now. Oh, well...I WILL be in just over a month.

Kathy said...

My husband and stepsons were in Isla in August...and observed a woman (older, with a very infectious riotous laugh) setting out cans of food on the steps and floors of a small shop. We had dinner next to her shop and we marvelled at how well the kitties all got along, and how nice it was someone was feeding the strays. Not sure if it's Lupita or someone else, but I thought it was incredibly kind.

And we were tourists. No wrong image there! :-)

Islagringo said...

lisa: snow? what's that?

beck: were the vendors on the square or in the area in front of the super market? The only time I have seen vendors in the square is for special occasions, like Independence Day or Karneval.

teresa: i so agree. I love the old town squares with the vendors.

jamqueen: yes, but you have a good heart.

anonymous: what time were you here? was it during a special time, like Christmas or Karneval? Again, you may be confusing the area in front of the Super Express as park property. And bless you for helping Lupita out.

Jackie: well said.

IslaDeb: hopefully the weather will be good while you are here and you can get a picture of the moonlight on those tables!

Kathy: Lupita's shop is next door to Buccanero Restaurant. Her shop is full of cats so chances are it was her.

Kathy said...

That must have been that right across from Pizza Rolandi? That's where we were having dinner that evening.

We loved Isla..and we were there for the Independance celebration, with the high schoolers doing their folk dancing in front of the Church and the vendors-carnival. So much fun.

I'd give my right arm for a banana nutella crepe right now.

Calypso said...

It appears that a pair of waders might be an appropriate item for an Isla resident.

Billie said...

Nice shot of the tables.

Life's a Beach! said...

Wayne, most of them were right in front of the supermercado. But there were a couple of tables set up in the area of that pergola off to the side. It was Day of the Dead weekend, so that may have been a special event. There was a special church service and when church let out, vendors were selling balloons and toys out in the square. People were purchasing food, etc.... It reminded me of times past.

Anonymous said...

Lupita is very grateful for any donations of money or cat food. She hugged me like a sister. Please donate and buy something from her shop. A very lovey person

BlueSky said...

I think it's wonderful that Lupita does this. She sounds like a Saint. When we last visited Cancun, we wished we had food to feed the cats and planned on bringing some with us next time. People like Lupita are what makes Mexico so endearing...bless her heart.

Islagringo said...

Kathy: yup, she is kitty corner from Rolandi's on the opposite side of the street. There were vendors in the park because of the holiday.

Calypso: definately!

Billie: why, thank you ma'm!

Beck: I suspected a holiday. That's the only time they are allowed in the park proper. That area in front of the mercado is not considered park.

Anonymous: I give her a bag of food every once in awhile. I would rather have people donate to Project Warm Hearts for the kids first though.

Blue Sky: Cancun grocery stores now carry bags of cat food! Dog food too! There is a great store right downtown on the bus line...Chedraui. Fascinating store much like Walmart. Check it out next time you are in town.