Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Barra de la Cruz - The Village

About 45 minutes east of Huatulco, on Hwy 200, lies the tiny village of Barra de la Cruz. This place is only on the map because of its' surfer beach. But we'll talk about that tomorrow. We decided to take a short trip there one day to check it out to see if it was someplace we wanted to come back to. We were there on a Saturday.

The village is tiny, poor and set in a beautiful valley that you get to after driving a little over 2 kilometers along a hilly road.

One of the strange things we noticed about this village, and all over Oaxaca, was the number of unfinished houses and rooms. As evidenced in the photo above. Somebody suggested to me that they never completely finish them because they can't be taxed if they are not completed. Not at all sure if this is true or not.

There was a very steep "road" leading up to the church in town. The entrance was blocked by a large garland of flowers. Lots of people were walking up to the church and we could hear music. Not church music. Happy music. We decided to park and tackle that climb.

We were well rewarded for our efforts. (note that the church is unfinished also!) We were there the day that first communion, baptism and confirmations were all taking place. I think the whole village was up there! Note the girls in the white Communion dresses.

I told you that it was a long, steep and hot climb up to the top!

Back to those girls. They have on identical dresses. We saw two other "couples" who were also dressed identically. But each in a different style of dress. It was like the store they went to had three styles of dresses, two each, and they bought them all. Cute. Of course, there may be some other explanation, but I like mine.

These ladies were wonderful. Talk about authentic village dresses.

As the party was breaking up, we decided to head out to the beach and check it out. After we were done looking around, we stopped at this tiny restaurant that advertised a restaurant upstairs also. It turned out to be the local surfer hangout. We ordered and were served some delicious tlayudas. Chicken and chorizo. Nothing fancy about this place.

I liked how they placed these empty wine bottles on all the pieces of rebar that were sticking up where construction had left off.

I was also jealous of their ability to cover a wine bottle with candle was drippings. I have never been able to successfully do this.

So tomorrow I will drive you a little ways out of the village and we will get to see some real surfers and surfer waves!
But before I do, play this video. It is the village band that was producing the happy music. Sweet.


Steve Cotton said...

There is also another practical reason for the unfinished construction. Without financing, people save what they can and then use that to build. And then save more. That is especially true of workers who head north across the border.

jeanie said...

What a charming little village and how wonderful that you arrived during this celebration. Thank you for taking us.

Chavo said...

Can't wait to see the Barra pics because I have a story for you.


Melissa said...

Is everyone missing this? It is the music from the GODFATHER! The scene where Michael Corleone gets married to the woman in Italy!
It sounds just like it, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

well wat can i say i love that place... is ma home town and i now there is not that fancy but all of the people there are nice and stuff... i cant belive that thiz tiny town is here... i love Barra De La Cruz Oaxaca Mexico....