Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Laugh A Day

We were walking around in downtown La Crucecita the other day. As we passed the entrance to a clothing store, I looked in and saw this dummy.

Dummy. That's a good word for the person who designed this mannequin and the shopkeeper who bought it.

It's just begging the question "What is he looking at and where did he get it?" Ewwwww.

Gave me my laugh for the day though!


Anonymous said...

and you just gave me mine, laugh that is ;-)


Steve Cotton said...

I suspect some shop assistant is chuckling as much as we are.

Anonymous said...

he's saying, "It's going to take some time getting used to these contact lenses"


Calypso said...

Maybe he is inserting a contact lens ;-)

john said...

And now, kids, let's give a listen to Nicky North and his Nine Nasty Nosepickers playing their hit single, "You May Think It's Boogie But It's Not."

Life's a Beach! said...

It reminds me of those birthday cards -- I picked this one just for you! It appears that he's booger gazing? Oh -- I'm so gross! But I'm the mother of a son. HA!

lisa said...

Now that is something to smile about! Very good! (or bad?)

Merida Mikey said...

Wayne, Wayne, Wayne! Stop picking on the manequin people!

It is obvious that he is pointing to his blond hair and telling everyone he is NOT Mexican.

I don't think this poor manequin person has anything to do with contact lenses or boogers. Obviously, it's all in the color of his very white, anglo saxon hair.

Merida Mikey

Laurie said...

Ewwwwww! I thought the pregnant mannequins in Honduras were grotesque. This is worse.