Monday, July 27, 2009

Fire On The Water

Last Thursday I got a call from a friend who was on the beach by Sunset Grill. She told me to grab my camera and get there fast. A boat was burning off shore and it was a good one.
I was still making preparations for the arrival of the housesitter and had no time to get down there. I assumed the fire would be out by the time I got there anyway.
Luckily Daniel of Noruega Art Gallery had a friend who was able to get some great photos of the fire. Daniel reports on it here and includes more great photos. Click on over and take a look. Very dramatic.


Jamqueen said...

Thanks for posting this. Had read about it elsewhere, but the photos tell the story. Feel sorry for the owners, -hope they had good insurance.

Steve Cotton said...

I am certain this makes you feel a lot easier about going out on the water. "Fire" is probably the worst word that a boater can hear.

Life's a Beach! said...

Whoa! That is huge! I was waiting for some good photos of the incident. It's lucky everyone was off the boat.

lisa said...

That is not good but I have to say the pictures were awesome!!