Thursday, July 02, 2009

Dead Drunk

While I was outside last Sunday, dealing with the electrical emergency, I noticed this guy lying on the cement slab you see here. At one point, he rolled over and ended up in the grass. That is how I knew he wasn't dead.

It's not unusual to see drunks lying in doorways on Sundays. It is unusual to see them lying someplace like this. Looking for all the world like he was dead. Tossed there like some limp rag.

While I was out there, several different Police vehicles drove by. Any guesses as to whether or not they even bothered to stop to see if he was dead or alive. Breathing or not?

If you guessed No, you win.


norm said...


Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Seriously, and you found him?
That's heavy.

Steve Cotton said...

I have not encountered any public drunkeness in Melaque. I wonder hat the difference is between our two towns? Perhaps, I simply have not been looking.

Anonymous said...

A bit more down the road and I might be concerned...(the cemetery)!

1st Mate said...

Looks like roadkill. At least he got off the road. And didn't end up sleeping in your doorway.

AA people have been known to tuck a card with meeting schedules in the drunk's pocket, so when the drunk wakes up with a killer hangover he might find it and follow up. Or not.

Calypso said...

We have TWO AA meeting places in our Hood of 2000 souls. A group of about 20 to 30 hombres are often dead drunk.

Sadly every year several of these guys die - I haven't know of one death to be a man as old as 50.

I suppose your situation like ours is so in our faces because these guys are not rounded up when they are totally wasted in public, including sleeping on sidewalks and in the street.

When they are standing they often are in a stupor although in an upright position walking in the middle of the street.

This oft reminder tends to temper my tequila intake.

lisa said...

Oh, my god, the police would of had him hauled away in a heart beat. Must be a regular occurance!

KfromMichigan said...

Not surprising! That's how Mexicans give directions .. did you pass the dead dog or cat in the road.. then turn left! Soon it will be did you pass the person lying in the road. How sad.

Anonymous said...

saw apparent suicide off caribe road near parking pull off. used his belt in the cliff.

Anonymous said...

Several years ago when we were staying on the Caribe side, Ali found what a dead body lying in the bushes a few 100 feet from the condo. He came & told me, and I went with him to see, not really believing, but sure enough, there was a guy lying there in the bushes. We flagged down a local who called the police. When they arrived it was discovered that he was dead alright - drunk. They hauled him away. It was a frightening half-hour, though!