Thursday, July 16, 2009

Daredevils At Work

This cell phone tower around the corner from me is new. The old one collapsed during Hurricane Wilma, falling onto the house across the street from it. So it is now four years old and evidently requires servicing now and then.

Can you see the "ants" crawling around on it?

These have got to be some brave men. Or stupid. Or, I hope, well paid.

They were up there the entire day. Climbing back and forth from one level to another.

Even though I watched them through the binoculars for awhile, I could never figure out exactly what they were doing. Repairing those cables? Soldering joints? Scraping away rust? Who knows.

All I know is that I would not do that job. Although I must admit one thing. I would like to have the opportunity to climb as high as I dare on it just to take some aerial photos. Wouldn't that be cool!


lisa said...

My husband has no problem with heights, lucky or stupid him. I could never do it myself, I get a little wobbly myself when I am up high and get butterflys in my tummy!! It would take some awesome pictures though!!!

Anonymous said...

Imagine a double hammock with your loved one. Talk about being on top of the world...
(my fat butt, i'd need an elevator)

Sue said...

They do that in the tower across from us too. Not often, thank goodness, because we consider our second-level terrace private and often traipse around out there (and in the pool) with less than appropriate cover. A couple of times I have looked over to see a guy sitting up in the tower doing nothing - maybe just watching us.

Life's a Beach! said...

I have a real fear of heights (and those horrid ziplines in Cabo didn't help any)! I'd rather have dental work without novocaine!

CancunCanuck said...

We were watching the men finishing the outside of one of the new giganto condo buildings in Puerto Cancun and I got dizzy just looking! I don't really have a problem with heights, but I sure have a problem with falling!

Come on Wayne, get up there, use your influence and sweet talk someone into strapping you into a harness and letting you climb, I want to see those shots! (I want to see you in a harness mostly, haha). ;-)

Calypso said...

I hate those dreadful looking phone towers. They are showing up everywhere. Will we all die from cancer 20 years from now from all that microwave running EVERYWHERE - probably - just so we aren't away from the telephone - hmmmm.

I don't like heights either - no way am I hanging up there in a hammock with a loved one or otherwise ;-)

KfromMichigan said...

NO way .. I'm scared of a ladder.