Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Out And About

I certainly did not waste any time yesterday sitting around feeling sorry for myself. Once the guests next door arrived, and after the telephone guy was here to de-static our line, I hopped on the Honda and went for a drive.* I hadn't been out and about like that for awhile.

As I headed towards the south end of the island, I looked to my right and felt the bile rising in my throat. I hate that this monstrosity is being built here and that it is visible from this side of the island.

It's not all that pretty from up close either. I think they have been working on this thing for two years now.

As I was pulling away, I stopped and looked back. I bet those balconies are going to have a fantastic view over to Cancun though. Looks like they may have changed their minds about the design or something. Witness the filled in area on the side.

Just down the road from the above, they are now building another set of 18 condos. Who do they think is going to buy all of these???

* I haven't been out on the Honda lately because it wouldn't start. I finally took it apart, bought a new battery, installed it and put the bike back together. Works like a charm now. And this, despite opinions to the contrary, from someone who does NOT have little markers on his tools that same hammer, screwdriver, etc!


Calypso said...

You have a Honda scooter and a Honda Beat? That little concept car was a very cool idea.

Either vehicle can get ferried across to the mainland to ride the countryside - no?

Islagringo said...

Calypso: A Honda Beat is a Honda scooter. Beat is just the name of the model. You can search the blog for "honda beat" and you will find a picture of it when I first bought it.

Yes, I could ferry it over to the mainland. Unfortunately, traffic in Cancun is not like where you are. I would be scared to death to try to negotiate it through that mess over there.

Life's a Beach! said...

I guess that failed monolith on Playa Media Luna isn't a lesson to the developers building more units on the island. I went to the Mundaca website and there's a load of properties for sale. I noticed an ad for presales on an 18 condo project. Woe to anyone who bites on a pre-sale condo project down there right now. YIKES!

Steve Cotton said...

Who will buy? Didn't PT Barnum have an answer for that?