Monday, June 29, 2009

More Stranger Kindness

Jennifer Kelly from Austin, Tx was here visiting the island last week. She is also a reader of this blog.

Jennifer had read the entries about our Project Warm Hearts charity for the children in Veracruz. She wanted to help. I highly encouraged it since every bit anybody does is of great value to this project.

So look what she packed and dragged down here for me in her luggage.

That's 15 pounds of yarn, after the air had been sucked out of that bag! Impressive.

Thank you Jennifer. I guess now it's my turn to put that gift to good use and make up some more hats!


lisa said...

That was very impressive and fantastic but you better get to work!! Ha

Steve Cotton said...

Another good example of the altruistic possibilities of blogs.

Nancy said...

Wayne, that is incredible! And intimidating! That is a LOT of yarn!

Have fun!?!

Calypso said...

Wayne - maybe you need a knitting junta there in your Hood?

We are excited.

KfromMichigan said...

WOW.. I hope she had room for her clothes! This will keep you extra busy while sitting on the porch.

Islagringo said...

lisa: If I knit up all of that, I will have arthritis for sure!

Steve: aren't people fantastic sometimes.

Nancy: want some?

Calypso: I've tried. The Mexicans don't really understanding knitting. They are crocheters. Maybe I should put the word out in the Gringo community.

K: I'm sure she did. She always brings down an extra suitcase with gifts for people. She is quite the woman.

Nancy said...

Hmmm, no, I think I am buried in projects already...but what about this...

find some cool crochet hat patterns and get some local crocheters going on hats? Could be fun?