Friday, May 01, 2009

Mexico City By Air

With all the problems in Mexico City lately with this Swine Flu, I thought some of you might like to see how big this city is.

I dug around and found some photos I took from the airplane window last January when I had to fly into there to changes planes for Huatulco.

Notice how many houses there are and how tightly packed they are. Then check out the smog these people deal with. It would seem to me no wonder then they are an easy prey for any virus that comes along.


Tom said...

great shot of the futbol stadium with what appears to be the shadow of your aircraft in it--

Calypso said...

Actually looks like a pretty clear day there in DF ;-0

That is a very cool shot with the shadow of the plan in the stadium - I wonder if that is the Aztec futball stadium with a bull fighting arena next door or??? Do you know?

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Thanks for photos - agree with your conclusion.

Isla (Arizona) Kelly said...

Ugh, packed in like sardines I'd say. Reminds me of Phoenix and of why we moved the hell out of there.

Great shot of the arena showing the shadow of your plane in it :)

MD in Texas said...

I had to laugh at an article on MSN today that talked about how the shut down in Mexico City was helping with the pollution/smog.

Actually a positive spin on things! :-)

Great pics!

Coby said...

Wow! Very interesting. Thanks for the pictures.

Islagringo said...

Tom, Calypso and Kelly: I would have bet money that nobody would even notice that shadow! Good eyes you three have!

Calypso: I have never been out of the airport in DF. I have no idea about the stadiums. Strange that they are so close together though.

Am Mommy: thanks

MD: I suppose it could help but they would have to get all of those people out of their cars to do any real good.

Coby: you're very welcome

Anonymous said...

That is actually "Estadio Azul", home to the "Cruz Azul" soccer team (or "La máquina celeste" as others prefer to call it). Next to it is "Plaza México", the biggest bull fighting ring in the world.

Gary Denness said...

Anon beat me to it. The stadium is Estadio Azul, home to my footy team of choice. They've been rubbish this year. In the photo below it you can make out the World Trade Center as well, at the end of the wing. It was the city's tallest building (if you discount Torre Latinoamericana's antenna) until Torre Mayor.

All great shots. My first view of Mexico City in 2003 by air was at the perfect time. The sun had gone down, but there was just enough light to make out the silhouettes of the ring of mountains that surround the city. Inside was a huge bowl of flickering lights. Awesome. You can't see the smog at night either!