Friday, April 03, 2009

Special Offer

My good friend, Jenny, and owner of this place

has asked me for a favor. She never asks anything of me so I am happy to oblige.

To all of you living or visiting here during the month of April she is offering this special deal:

Show your Minnesota drivers's license and receive a free cup of coffee!

I guess I'll show her mine everyday then!


Anonymous said...

walked by there around 8:30 a couple of days ago. the door was half up so I stuck my head in to ask when they opened. The girl snapped at me," when the doors up where open" when I said wow, I was only asking in case it was worth waiting a couple minutes she said " f you". a real smart business women! I'll never go there again, and i'll tell everyone I know about how I was treated!

Steve Cotton said...

Hmmmm. Maybe I need to fly to St. Paul to pick up a license before I drive down.

Calypso said...

Alert Garrison Keillor!

Life's a Beach! said...

Jenny and Ivan are very nice people. Unfortunately, I won't be on Isla in April. (And I'm not from Minnesota.) Dang!

Anonymous said...

I love this place!
Great coffee and bagels.
Homemade breads are always excellent and disappear quickly!
A few businesses come and go each year on Isla and I'm always happy to see that this place keeps on going.

1st Mate said...

Around here on the west coast, it would have to be a Washington, Oregon or Canada driver's license.