Monday, April 27, 2009

Pics Seen In Our Paper - Por Esto

UPDATE: The pictures of dead people, by popular demand, have been removed from this post.

I thought I would share some of the pictures that have been posted in our newspaper, Por Esto, recently.

As if we who live in Mexico didn't know it, they ran a story about Easter vacation being over. The gist of the story was that kids are now back in school. They posted this picture of two of the poor students now having to face their educations again.

Do you think they learn to pose like this in Home Ec?

Ultramar, the company that runs the ferry to and from Cancun has been heavily criticized lately for their safety record....or lack thereof. One of their boats recently arrived at the docks in Isla Mujeres going full speed. They ran into this boat with 11 tourists ready to depart for a snorkeling tour. Several people were seriously hurt but I have seen no follow-up on their conditions.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with her, this is our current Mayor.

There you go, just a taste of what Mexican papers will publish. Be advised that if you pick one up, you are likely to encounter pictures of dead people. Explicit, very detailed, gory pictures of dead people.


Jamqueen said...

Not in any Home Ec class I ever had! ( I used to be a Home Ec teacher in the 70's...). The same kind of photos are published NOB more & more.

Life's a Beach! said...

Always heard about the gore in Por Esto. Pretty shocking. Was the guy in the woods a drug cartel related assassination? Property disputes in Mexico -- obviously wouldn't want to be involved in one!

Arizona (I mean Isla) Kelly said...

Ewwwww! The first thing Sissy and I did this morning when we woke up was run to the computer to read your blog :)

We see dead people. And we'll see you soon too!

Life's a Beach! said...

I have to add, I'm not exactly 'up' on the news on message boards anymore, but I do scan them occasionally. I don't remember seeing anything about the snorkeling tour boat getting rammed. That would be a pretty big story for Isla!

Brenda said...

Yup, nothing much is off limits in the papers here.

1st Mate said...

Yup, sex and violence still sells papers. What was that poor assassinated guy wearing? Looked like a cushion cover off a couch.

Anonymous said...

I always wondered how the families of the deceased must feel when they see these photos!

Islagringo said...

jamqueen: every where I have gone in Mexico, the girls all pose exactly the same. They are learning it somewhere!

LAB: I'm unclear as to the details but I suspect it was gang related. It was too formal looking.

AK: We can talk about dead people over coffee!

LAB: there was a follow up to this story in yesterday's paper. Just that more investigation into the incident is underway. This sort of accident is not widely published because it could hurt tourism, our God.

Brenda: one of the reasons I prefer to read the paper online is because they don't publish that much gore. The hard copy of the paper is a totally different ball game! I just wish they wouldn't put that stuff on the front page.

first mate: I can't tell. Strange outfit though. Looks like pajamas but his hands are bound inside. Look at all that duct tape too. Horrible way to die.

anonymous" for that reason alone, these types of photos should be banned.