Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Something To Ponder

Has anybody noticed that all of my posts have been published at the exact same time for a few days now? And that your comments were published but without my saying a word? Wanna know why?

Simple answer really. I have been on vacation for a week and pre-scheduled a week's worth of posts for a couple of reasons:

1) I didn't want you to miss your daily fix, and

2) I didn't want the the thieves on the island, whom don't exist anyway, to know that I was gone.

I'll tell you where I was tomorrow. (hint: it's on the Pacific coast of Mexico)


Jamqueen said...

I did notice that, but then i knew you were on vacation! Hope you had a great time! Ours went by way too fast and now we're back in snowy NE.

K.W. Michigan said...

You are so considerate! Thanks for my daily fix. Can't wait to hear about the vacation.

ArizonaKelly said...

I'll take a stab in the dark... Unless your amigo Steve sent you a picture of salt and a lighter, You were in Melaque? :)

Quite the detective, aren't I?

Islagringo said...

Ann: sorry to hear that you are back in the NE. Not missing much here though. It was 57 when I got up this morning! I haven't been this cold in years!

kw: you're welcome. Gonna post some good pics too!

AZKelly: Nope. I threw that post in to throw you off track!

MD in Texas said...

You're a sneaky devil! I like it! Looking forward to your trip report!

Life's a Beach! said...

I noticed and I wondered if you were sick or off on a trip! Clever fella!

Croft Randle said...

Ah! You leave the Isla and we are going to the Isla. We are in Mecoloco in Cancun for a few days and will make the ferry trip over for a night or two in the Hotel Las Palmas you told us about.

Croft & Norma

Top Dog said...

I had a feeling you were gone. I saw you getting off the ferry last Wednesday morning. Didn't want to bug you though, it was early.

Nancy said...

If you came to Mazatlán and didn't contact me there is gonna be hell to pay, amigo!

Steve Cotton said...

OK, Travel Boy. Cough up the goods.

Islagringo said...

MD: not so much sneaky as cautious!

LAB: very austute. I don't think I would notice that about somebody's blog.

Croft: I am back on the island now. Be sure to tell them at Las Palmas that you are there because of me. I get kisses from the lady owners whenever they see me if you do!

Top Dog: I always find it weird that so many people recognize me now. This blog has changed my life. I can no longer safely pick my nose in public.

Nancy! as if I would not contact you! No worries though, I was nowhere near you.

steve: patience, grasshopper, patience!