Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Playa Bocana

If I actually lived in Huatulco, I would keep this treasure of a pristine, unspoiled beach to my myself. But I don't, so I guess it's okay to share it with you.

If you keep driving past the area called Tangolunda, heading towards the tiny hamlet of Copacita, you will see the sign directing to you Playa Bocana. It's at the end of a bumpy, axle killing cobblestone road. As you round the curve, you enter into a little resort area that is popular with hippie types and surfers. And some families. And now, three happy travellers.

Park the car (or get out of the taxi) and you gaze upon this stretch of dark brown sand.

It stretches to the left.

And to the right.

It's not surprising that surfers like this beach. While not as big as those at Puerto Escondido, these waves are big enough to be fun.

Aside from playing in the waves, there is a little secret about this beach. The water on the left of the sandbar is actually a river! It comes from somewhere up in the mountains and drains down to the sea. And it is fresh water!

It does make its' way around and through some rocks so one does have to be a little careful when floating down it. And many people do just that.

I love the rocks along the Pacific coast. They are so weird and full of personality. Nothing like we see here on the Caribbean. Playa Bocana is no exception. These rocks just seemed to have tumbled down from the mountains and are everywhere. They line the beaches and provide shelter, something to muse about and endless photo ops!

They also provide perches for the multitude of buzzards that are constantly circling overhead.

Speaking of birds, this beach has plenty of seagulls also. But unlike at Playa Santa Cruz, nobody feeds them. Even so, they do not seem to be bothered by people.

I loved this river. Picturesque. Fun. And not deep!

As the river exits the forests, it widens into a lake before once again narrowing down and cutting its' way through the beach. A perfect spot to show off your dare devil skills. After my fiasco with the rope swing in Costa Rica, I did not partake of this sport.

Once again back to the beach, if you choose to just take a walk, you are going to encounter pelicans. Lots of pelicans.

Again with the no fear of people. They let you approach quite close. This was not zoomed.

Should you get hungry, there are two restaurants here. One on either side of the road and both featuring rather unexciting and limited menus. Like fish or shrimp? You got it here.

Two of us had shrimp cocktails, I had the shrimp diablo. I wouldn't recommend either. Bring your own lunch.

Tomorrow we will return to Isla but there will be some further posts about this area. I think, for now, you have learned enough.


Billie said...

You almost make me want to go to the Pacific side of MX. Looks like you had a great trip.

Islagringo said...

Billie: you really should hike on over to the Pacific sometime. It is so totally different from the Caribbean and the Gulf. And then try the Baja for the Sea of Cortez. I bet would never put your camera down. Not even to eat!

Sue said...

Thanks for all the great photos. One day I'm going to go to Oaxaca with Miguel and I hope we can take some time to visit Hualtuco. I'm a white sand person, but might be swayed one day if they continue to control the development.

Isla Deb said...

Great photos...what an interesting place. I love the rock formations!

Laurie said...

I love the photographs. I like pelicans, which are slowly making a comeback to coastal Louisiana, my original home.