Thursday, February 26, 2009

Carneval On Isla - Part Two

I wasn't feeling to well last week. Congested chest, headache and horrible dry cough where you cough until you gag. Fun. I blame it on the tourists bringing their NOB germs down here to infect we hapless natives. All that to say that I did not get as many pictures of the dancing troupes or the parade as I would have liked. But I got some!

I loved this float. Unless you live here, you won't get it. Should I tell you why I think it is so funny?

These girls, as my Mother would say, "get around". But in the good sense. I saw this troupe everywhere. They were a hard working bunch.

I love how there is always one or more not paying attention to the task at hand. The rest were smiling, shaking their ample booties and waving to the crowds.

Look! Here they are again. This time they swamped this tourist and forced him to dance with them. Great fun as he kept up with them and was only mini-seconds behind them executing their moves better than they did!

A look of happy determination if I've ever seen one.

As always, the girls sewing skills and ability to make something that fits is questionable. But they're happy so who cares.

This is definitely a "Senora" troupe. I love the older gals. They put as much heart and soul into it as the younger girls. Sometimes even surpassing the younger gals. The guy in the picture is a tourist who stepped into my frame.

Does anybody else think the bra straps distract?

"Just step out! I don't care which foot you lead with!"

"Just watch the girl next to you!"

That's it. There were a few more troupes around. Including one that was wearing black face and dressed like Aunt Jemima in feathers and sequins. They were supposed to be Cuban. Yikes.
Hopefully next year I will be feeling better and can do my roving reporter photos.


Jamqueen said...

Great photos! last year I caught quite a few of the kids & young adult troupe, but never saw any of the " more mature" ones! But I didn't go to many of the events in the zocalo. It was fun to just be walking around & run into a group performing!

Jackie said...

The float... the supposed Aztec warrior???

And yes the bra straps do detract.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Frankly, this series was quite entertaining and the commentary superb

You gotta smile outta me!

Babs said...

OMG I need that last outfit for when I'm switching out my clothes during my Carmen Miranda act - which I just did a couple of weeks ago........Fun, fun. (The Carnaval) not my switching out the clothes. Ha.

Life's a Beach! said...

Looks like the jolly green giant on that first float! LOL I like the old gals too! And the bra strap thing? I see that around here all the time with young girls. Short shorts, tiny tank tops or tubes with big bra straps showing, and ugly Ugg boots. It's a look (I guess?)!

Michele in Playa said...

We have the "Aunt Jemima" guys in blackface her in Playa as well. Can you imagine that in an NOB parade!! Je,je,je. PC-ness be damned!!

Calypso said...

"Does anybody else think the bra straps distract?"

Not really. Gotta get some support somewhere ;-) I guess...

Steve Cotton said...

You did well -- and I hope you are feeling well. I was just reading about your Durango trip on the your other blog.

Island Nana said...

"Yikes!" indeed. I thought blackface went out with Amos and Andy.