Monday, January 05, 2009

Waiting In Line

Just an every day traffic jam here on the island. Stuck behind the garbage truck.

Scooter drivers have it a bit better.

On this occassion, a giant touring bus tried to get down one of our streets. Needless to say, he ended up backing up the entire street because he couldn't make any turns. Why that bus even came over here is beyond me.

The island has been overflowing with stupid tourists lately. It always gets bad over the long holidays. While downtown for breakfast yesterday, I told four different golf cart drivers and one scooter driver that they were either 1) going the wrong way on a one way street or 2) driving on a pedestrian street. I have just had it with these ignorant people who continually think this is Disneyland, that we have no traffic rules here and continue to make life unsafe for others.
The balding old man you see yelling at tourists for doing something stupid will be me.


K.W. Michigan said...

You have the right to yell .. you are the resident!

Steve Cotton said...

Auditioning for a role in King Lear?

IslaZina said...

But there are traffic rules in Disneyland, especially harsh in the parking lot, where you are actually allowed to drive. And another thing for the old balding guy to yell about: Here on Isla, we have a couple handicapped parking spaces but no issue authority for tags!

John W said...

Ah--stuck behind the garbage truck, or the Sabritos delivery man blocking the road with his blinkers flashing. I have needed all of the five years I have lived in this country to learn to accept that delays are normal, maybe even opportunities to relax and daydream about my next posts.

As to tourists, some time back I got a real thrill when a Mexican tourist from DF pulled up beside me and asked how to get to the Salida a Querétaro. I told him in halting Spanish, he politely thanked me, and I felt like I was beginning to fit into this country.

I've been a dumb tourist in enough places now that I'm a little more tolerant of those that come to my home town than I used to be. A little bit...

Calypso said...

"The balding old man you see yelling at tourists for doing something stupid will be me."

But how can I tell with that BIG sombrero Amigo?

You are a funny hombre!

Islagringo said...

kw: you bet your sweet bippy I do!

steve: more like "Grumpy Old Men"!

zina: I hear you! I have a handicap stick also but just try to find a space to use it. Especially someplace like CostCo or WalMart with those giant parking lots. Can't tell you how many times I have had a discussion with the managers of these places and just got the DUH stare in reply.

John: although sometimes vexing, I don't mind getting held up by delivery or utility trucks here. The streets are super narrow and they have to do business. I understand that and usually wait patiently (unless I have to go pee!. I hate coming around a corner onto a one way street and coming face to face with some stupid golf cart driver with a beer in his hand. Maddening. And I never try to help out a tourist, even if they are standing there in the street, map in hand, upside down of course, looking for something. You will not be thanked. I, too, have been a dumb tourist on occassion but at least I pay attention to street signs telling me to go only one way and I have never removed barriers in order to drive down a pedestrian street!

Calypso: Ha, Ha! If you actually see somebody walking around wearing a sombrero like that, it definately will NOT be me!

MD in Texas said...

You mentioned the one-way signs and barriers. When we were there a couple of weeks ago, it seemed like some of the one-way signs were missing. We ALMOST went the wrong way on Juarez (I think) but quickly recovered! Not that it would help ALL stupid tourists, but I would love to see clearer signs.

Also, it seemed like the barricades on the North end of Hidalgo were hardly ever in place, making it confusing as to the pedestrian only status....perhaps it will all clear up when the Hidalgo constructions finishes.

In the meantime, I will watch out for the screaming balding guy!

Islagringo said...

MD: I totally agree with you about the signage. It could be better and new signs are on the planning table for the new street improvements. However, some clues would be that all the cars are coming at you, all the cars are parked in the same direction and that there are no cars on the street. Only tables and chairs and vendor displays.