Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Storm Approaching

Last week we were in Cancun doing something. It had threatened rain all day but nothing developed. Until we got on board the ferry to head back for the island. The sky was still clear over the island in the distance so we decided to sit up top for a change. But the storm clouds were starting to form over Cancun as we backed out of port.

The sun was setting and gave an eerie early darkness to the skyline.

Even as we backed out to make the turn for home, the clouds were starting to drop rain.

I wasn't overly concerned. The water still had its' famous blue color and the rain was over the mainland, not us.

We soon ran into and under the clouds that had formed out to sea, blown over the island and were now heading for the mainland. It was a very distinctive front.

By now we could see that the color of the water had changed to storm color.

This is a difficult picture to see but I am going to include because of the stupidity here. If you look just below the horizon at the 12:00 position, you will see a white spray of water. You may need to enlarge it. This is somebody out on a jet ski during a storm! He was not trying to head to shore. He was having quite the time running in circles and hitting the big waves head on.

Things looked ominous for us as we pulled into dock on the island. We knew we were going to get wet.

Luckily we made it to the car and the torrential rain hit just as I was unlocking the doors. Safe this time. But that's how fast a tropical storm can develop around here.


Jamqueen said...

Great photos, Wayne! I especially like the last one.

K.W. Michigan said...

WOW these are some great pictures. I love watching a storm form over the water in Cancun. Hope you are feeling better now. It is so rough being sick away from home. Take care!

Islaholic Trixie said...

Cool pictures. You had a rain storm, we had a snow storm!! Maybe that was Kelly's Long Lost Cousin and Hubby on the jet ski!!LOL

BandT said...

Great shots! I hope the illness has passes! Looks like you have been busy since we down.

I tell you... consider your storm "sold- I will take it" and I will even throw in a good old fashion Northern Winter Storm for you.... just got in from shoveling fluffy white stuff...I really honestly wish it was the white sandy beaches I felt between my toes and not the bite of the wind on my cheeks since I bundled up so tight it was all they could get.

Hope all is well... Happy Knitting!!

barry said...

Fantastic pics Wayne,, that blue water under the cloud is great,, and it didn't even clash with the pea green envy I have that you are there and I am not,, have a good one.

CancunCanuck said...

Beautiful pics Wayne, I always love seeing the black skies and the blue blue water, gorgeous!

My Way said...

Such gorgeous pictures Wayne! At least to me. I love the flat bottomed dark clouds and the fact that you can see the rain in the distance, connecting with the ocean. Thanks for posting. We don't really get that here.

PS I'm enjoying the scarf immensely and so are my friends....they are all jealous!

Islagringo said...

jamqueen: thanks!

kw: me too but the operative phrase there is "over Cancun"!

trixie: clever way to bring in somebody else's post!

BandT: as my good friend would say, sucks to be you! Brrr. I am trying to forget that kind of weather!

barry: until I saw your name, I thought it was Steve Cotton leaving a comment. Just the sort of cleverness he gets up to.

cc: the contrast is something else.

my way: we really miss you around here, sun or storm. And glad I can make the girls jealous!

Anonymous said...

WOW! That last photo is great but scary!

Billie said...

Wayne, this is a great series of photos. Glad you made it home okay.