Thursday, December 18, 2008

Here's Ours

Steve has passed on the challenge for all Latin American bloggers to post a photo of their local nativity scene. This year we have an entirely new one and it is in a different location from past years. Kind of plain this year.

Gone are the roosters, the ducks, the miniature elephant and the various and assorted figurines that people had lying around to toss into the mix. I kind of miss that old one.

I remember how amazed I was the first time I saw a creche down here and realized that they had forgotten the baby Jesus. Silly me. He isn't placed until he is born on Christmas Eve. They could at least put the manger in or something. They look kind of silly just staring down into space.

These are really costly looking figurines too. The whole thing looks kind of sparse to me though. Oh well, at least they put one up. So, show us yours now.


Anonymous said...

They're not staring into space...Joseph just lost a contact.

Life's a Beach! said...

Okay, that's bizarre. To quote my old neighbors -- Jesus is the reason for the season. Looks like they bought some new expensive figurines and couldn't afford the entire set. But no Baby Jesus?!!!Bring back the rabbits, turkeys, elephants, etc... That just adds to the sadness of that new zocalo.

Isla Deb said...

It does look kind of sparse. I think it's because the "stall" is too high for the size of the figures which takes away from the cozy feeling it should have. My dos centavos.

Steve Cotton said...

And European-looking. I noticed the same thing about the scene in front of the local Catholic church, that is heavily Hispanic. The figures look like a group of Norwegians searching for a good lutefisk restaurant. Perhaps, from the lost tribe of Minnesota?

Laurie said...

Cool. I am glad you rose to the challenge that I gave to Steve. Check out Veracruz as well. I will give your blog a mention in my next blogpost unless you send me an email with an objection.