Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why We Get Confused

Back on September 15, I wrote about the closing of Avenue Hidalgo this month for the start of the remodeling process. Well, thanks to Cancun Canuck, I now have another paper to read. This one published an article on September 12 (!) that says the project will not start until November! And yet all the business owners I talked to insisted that it would begin in September. No wonder we get confused around here.

And just to show you how difficult it is to understand anything, unless you are a fluent Spanish speaker, here is the article translated. See if you can make sense out of it.

They authorize new underground network in the zone center of Island Women

They will invest 15 million weights for the introduction of services of electrical energy, telephone, water, drainage and television by cable in the Avenue Noble.
Sep 12 2008

ISLAND WOMEN, MX. - One authorized the work of introduction of the underground network of electrical energy, telephone, water, drainage and television by cable in the avenue Noble, main site of nocturnal recreation of Island Women, after a meeting with the industralists in the hall town hall, which they attended the state secretary of Tourism, Carlos Joaquin, and the mayoress Alicia Ricalde Magaña.

Humberto Vidal, undersecretary of Tourism, less than indicated that the cost ascends to 15 million weights, five million what initially it considered some months ago, and the work will have to start in the middle of next November, with a duration of five months.

It troubled to the industralists the possibility of a negative effect in the season of winter by the works, as they had showed already it, but is a risk that are going to take all and, in return, asked for credits to reactivate the economy once concluded the work.

According to the plans, there will be no necessity to close businesses, as it happened in the Juárez avenue in Playa del Carmen, placed diagonally as well Joaquin González, whose administration executed that work in the middle of a constant dialogue with the industralists.
Ricalde Magaña said that it was not arranged to pospone the work because that implied the risk of losing the resources, reason why was better to assume the responsibility and criticized being, but to realise of a project long caressed by the same enterprise community.

Some of the participants asked that the works took shape during the low season, in the summer of the 2009, but that could not happen, since according to federal standardisation, all annual resource that is not before exerted to finalize the year, is reoriented to another point of the country.

In order to mitigate the s effects, it will be had the spaced zone of the levee orients, back of the House of the Culture, to install modules against the retailers.

The creation also remembered a Citizen Committee so that it watches the development of the work and look for the minimum impact because of the works. Although the directive of the National Camera of Commerce (Canaco) had said that in recent previous meeting they had decided the great majority would reject that it, but before the offered alternatives, in which to the same winning company of the licitation it adjusts to the decided times, otherwise, would be penalty that would come to compensate the industralists, ending up accepting.

Vidal said that as soon as the eight of this month bottoms destined by the Federation and from now on will begin the final works to arm the file technical, this will last a month, soon will be sent to public licitation, that also will delay the same time, reason why in the middle of November it would initiate the work. (Source: The Quintanarroense)


Anonymous said...

I know perhaps not why confusion by these is thereby there. If we here ascribe to knowing when, why not the rest?

American and Mexican communications yield some when we blame the wrong , probably those.


Anonymous said...

Well, the other definition for peso is weight. No doubt it helps to learn the language.

Anonymous said...

I think part of the problem is that the translation program is trying to use Continental Spanish rather than Mexican Spanish. In Spain a nobelman was called a hidalgo, thus the street on Isla named for Hidalgo (a founding father of Mexico) becomes noble street. I believe a peso is a weight in Spanish Spanish - not a unit of currency. Forgive me if I'm wrong - I did learn most of my Spanish watching Sesame Street.

But it certainly is frustrating trying to make sense of a translated newspaper column. Just another reason why I am trying to improve my language skills. Island Nana

Beck said...

So, by the time they've 'armed the technical file', high season will be there and they can begin the 'project long caressed.' (Sounds like mid-December to me -- just in time for Christmas!)

islagringo said...

robert: althought reading your comment almost gave me a headache, it is one of the best comments I have ever received. Very clever.

anonymous: you are right, of course.

island nana: yes, these programs do use Spanish Spanish, not Mexican Spanish. I've gotten some pretty puzzled looks from people when I try to use it to translate instructions, etc.

beck: I think this whole project is going to be devasting to the island, both during and after.

Michele in Playa said...

Head exploding. Many questions. Few clear answers. aaaarg.